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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank you mom | Teaching adaptibility

Yesterday I went to my maternal uncle's place its after around 10 years I was visiting for a day to see my GrandMother and cousins with my son and wife. I met some new faces who implicitly became my new relatives with marriages with my cousins :). It was a very cordial stay. I don't know why I like this place so much from my childhood. It's a beautiful city called Kesinga on the bank of The River Tel and it is a small hillside colony where my relatives live. I always made sure that I visit Lord Shiva temple on the hill top every-time I visit Kesinga. We use to compete among ourselves to walk up the hills, till the temple in one go non stop :) It was always the first thing we use to do when we reach Kesinga and watch the river Tel and whole city spread below the hill. We enjoyed the scorching heat, we dared to walk along the bush and we filled the emptiness on top of the hill. I think curiosity always overcame the fear of falling and pulled us up the hill. Age, Laziness and my back didn't support me this time Lord Shiva I am sure you will forgive me. I met The girl who is my aunt by relation though much younger during our evening gathering and talk. Her two lines story touched me. She has done her college and she is from a small village in my district. I wanted to know more from where she did her college and to my surprise I got to know that it was from Bongamunda a small town which is around 22 kms from her village. I asked if she was staying in hostel or travelled everyday by bus. And it was when I heard she was cycling everyday to college for two years from her home and she had to because she is passed with a little lesser marks than the qualifying marks for a nearby city Sindhekela which is comparatively closer. It blew my mind ! I don't want to talk about the equal opportunity for women, women empowerment, free education for all, connecting India, women quota in colleges etc etc. To me all those are pointless discussion now. I salute the parents who dared to send her to college. I salute the mother who encouraged her to fight her paddling 44 kms to college, to fight her fear to become a stronger, smarter and independent woman. I salute the mom who never taught her to paint her face rather asked her to paddle to college. I salute her mom who may have cried in the dark but never revealed and asked her to fight the odds. Salute and Respect to all such Mothers and Women who dream and teach to be independent and spread fighting odds with selfless love and caring. I request all the parents, mothers to teach their children to fight the odds not by adapting technology but by healthy habits, fight the weakness not by visiting doctors or drinking energy drinks but by playing in sun and moon. Human is an adaptable creature so they survived ice ages. Adaptability is what is the prominent characteristics of a human being. I learnt one thing in my life that earning the harder way is the smarter way to fight the odds and help us being independent. Never flatter rather behave harder being softer from inside to make your child independent and stronger. We may blame of not being so fortunate to get all the amenities of an easier life from them but I can imagine why it is so important to survive in a very competitive and harsh future ahead. Thanks mom and dad to teach us such lessons. #HappyMothersDay #ParentalGoals #ThankYou

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why Quick connect to nearby connect ?

This was the day when we were collecting food money anything which can be donated to the flood victims for Chennai. By evening we got everything in the evening we already had enough money and food supplies to be sent to Chennai.. We wanted a Truck ! It was difficult to find one .. We put it on our whatsapp group but we were mostly software engineers and none of us had a truck owner's or truck driver's phone number . Few we had which were either booked or out of station. At that time I thought of this app where we can just post and search our requirement with nearby people and get help from. Who knows at the same time hundreds of truck may be going just crossing us towards Chennai. Anyway after two hours of wait and search finally we got one Truck and we could send stuff to Chennai.

Back home I started my research experimented on the available technologies, wrote few successful proof of concept app with redis, mongo and vertx-java. Then I came up with this idea of integrating nearby technology with a social network touch to make it very generic. It took me great deal of experiment to come up with a user friendly UX. Finally I am done and it's here as you see. It took me long and by the time lot of easier technology like firebase to build such servers have come up but i sticked to my design and technology as I feel it's more configurable.

Ok let me explain a little bit about this app and it's usage .

When we get any useful information of interest from someone unknown through any medium, We tend to ask WHO are you ? WHAT is this ? WHERE is this ? WHEN is this ? HOW much it cost ? etc etc . And if it's exciting and useful we try to help or visit or avail if it is NEARBY. Take few example say 1) A new Ice Cream shop which has opened just near your office and now that the owner wants to tell this to the nearby people, how would he tell all this in short and sweet manner ? 2) You went to a theater to watch a movie but unfortunately you had to leave it for some urgent work how would you sell ticket ? 3) You want to invite people nearby for free health camp . 4) Do carpool and let others know that you are giving free rides till your office. 5) You are going for a office party and you are in short of few people to avail a corporate discount. How will you find interested people from your office who may like to join and avail the offer ?

Take this another case where and how Quikc can help - NGO/College students want to drive the Nearby community for a weekend cleaning drive. They can create a post and publish it with Quikc with channel say #CleanSunday . Now the same message goes to every device who would be using this app and they can join and help. Also college students can use this app to invite unknown nearby interested students and do get-togethers for any such events.

Another case let's say you need an electrician so you would ask nearby people usually to get his contact and then you call him, but what if he is farther he may not be available in-time.. Instead of wandering you can post the same message with #Quikc with a channel name say #NeedElectrician and someone nearby you may be an electrician or know fixing things who would be of your help.

Quikc solves all these problems in a simple and user friendly way by an android app. Just post a message create a channel and push the message to nearby people and that's it you are done. Try this app from google play share your feedback, suggestions and feel free to write me back if you want to say hello.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shame on you !

Rahul Can't hear the "Being Serious" words used by Jeet anymore. He replies bluntly..

I know you were serious till you graduated, and after getting the job it's got evaporated. Getting a gold medal in the degree didn't earn you anything but some lakhs of rupees per annum and waiting for a maximum 9% hike at the year end. So you grow only 9 percent annually if you are an honest worker and when you ditch you may get 30% that's what you learnt as a professional.

I know you must be murmuring, You fool - Who doesn't want a smooth, respectable job in India, If i get paid working only an hour a day and bluffing the rest - why not be the "leech".

Some people wear 'Being Human' brand T-Shirt and show their sympathy to the society and some like you become an example for others for scoring the most. but in what ? 
At the same time you didn't even realised the failure of the movie "Manjhi", Ohh what an intelligent you are ! 

I also saw you liked and commented - Salute, Bravo - Mr Anurag's post in Linkedin for successfully completing 12 years without a single vacation in his tenure. What are you trying to teach your followers - Are you encouraging Mr Anurag to continue the spirit till he retires and spend the rest of his life with all the disgust, disrespect from his wife, children for not being a good husband and a father. This is work life balance ! - No personal/family time in last 12 years !

You advise to write the auto pricing logic with analytics before even launching the first version of the product, though you know 'Rome wasn't built in a Day'. You enjoy to be a manager than a leader in your start-up. Pro-claim that you have all the plans, idea, road map but you don't want to sit and code, what an engineer you are, who will follow you, fools ? 

Not an intelligent selfish ? huh .. when you deny your wife for a movie, your kid for an outing, code for your so called startup but work late for an important release in office.

Shame on you Jeet .. No  excuses please..

Friday, March 6, 2015

Colorful Darkness

Rahul sees, Arun stopped him while he was taking off his rocket ! A Rocket just with one pilot which he built and it was him. Arun yelled "Rahul stop" and the loud was so clear that it killed the rocket engines sound and Rahul removed his white Vega helmet without the oxygen mask. He jumped out and heard Arun. Arun said "Where are you going there is more fun out at the highSchool field, Lets play football !".

Rahul for a while sees Lavnaya's face disappearing in the new moon. Her green Chudidar was vague in the darkest night. He walked into the small door from where he sees some light and it took a fraction of second to the whiteness that is brought by the snow filled mountains and on top up his head - the rope way carrying the newly married couple on a honey moon trip, the rope car signs Zurich.

On a turn, he sees the train station, the ugliest person ever he saw with the paper band all over his body. He spoke English !, ran towards him and grabbed the hot tea from Rahul and had emptied with a sip. Rahul was amazed ! The intellect started laughing at him and far at the station's chair he started reading the english news paper and tore a column, quickly made a fold and clipped it on his waist.

       He found himself grazing Kangaroos at his yards of couli-flowers and Lavnya spraying the insecticides  with the high-tech tractor and looks at the farthest far at the big desert at the end of the horizon.

There was an asylum in a corner of darkness. The slum of blinds, who neither knows what is light, what is dark ! Someone asked Rahul what are you doing here ? How did he recognize him without having eyes ! Rahul asked himself. Does it pain The blind returned back ! But blind's lips were tight ! There was a roar of happiness, every one was blind with the happiest smile. It started raining ! Rahul got drenched and one of them pulled and asked him to look at moon. He told we feel cold but how does the moon look ?

He started walking counting the steps and he hardly had finished the countable count he could and the colorful lights were clear, polar lights in such a horrible darkness every where. He was easy, it wasn't horrible anymore ! He never even saw such beautiful color of nature in such a darkness. He tries to see the moon but lord Krishna smiled. He looked at the divine tree and Radhika dancing drenched with the ray of colors, Krishna, Krishna. He heard music of streams and birds twitter with Dholki da Dhol.

      He felt difficulty in breathing and He felt heavy on his chest too. He felt suffocated, he tries to scream but there was no sound, he felt restless, He saw his mom just sitting at the sofa and taking to Lavanya with the usual gossip and laugh, he sought help but no one heard ! He felt tremble on his legs and more suffocation and now he screamed mom, mom, but he baffled again. He felt the saliva on his shoulders falling through his mouth. He gathered all his power and tried to unload something which was heavy on his chest. He could see now wide and clear the tiny and colored member of his own was trying his first lap on his chest and slap on his face full of colors with his baby baffles and then he murmured Babba !!

Rahul wasn't not tired with his long voyage on the Colorful Darkness. He giggled with dimples, rubbed more and more to his chicks with the color of yellow, green and red with his son.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Moment at Chicago Airport

Lavanya Said aap jyada #AAP #AAP Maat honna !
#AAPtard is getting retired anyway #DelhiElections is coming to an end
and take care of your health, hope you will get sometime to call us back.

It was an emotional moment for Rahul too, Mom and Dad after one and a half months of stay with him to help him during a critical surgery were also leaving with her, He would be all alone again after a longtime.

She Continued: #AAP haar jayegi to tumhe bura lagegga, and then your friends would start laughing at you ..
Rahul replied in the same Sahrukh Khan way with wide arms "Laallvi Haar karr jitne wale ko Bajigar kahte hain !"
"Agar aap dil se kuchh bhi chaho to puri kayanat usse aap se milane ki dua karta hai"
Lavanya : I am serious, Don't be filmy here .. Please take care of your health and don't jump start on to a Voyage
Mom and Dad were watching his activity and smiling at him, Rahul didn't care he continued..

Back to 14 years I choose Girl vs IIT.
What : LoveInfatuation
Result: #Failed - bla, bla, bla
Introspection : Immaturity
Lesson: BePractical
#NotMyWords: When you learn to avoid gals, u'll realize what is life

Back to 7 years I choose Entrepreneurship vs M'Tech
What : Co-Founded, Funded a corporation with friends
Result: #Failed - Got cheated, Lost all my investments and profits
Introspection : Wrong Friends, Be Professional while doing business with any one
Lessons: Marketing, Learn Marketing, Hedging, Build Trusty Team
#NotMyWords: I became a good fan of failure.

Back to 4 years I choose Business vs Start-up
What : Funded a business for a cousin, brothers which in fact was more profitable than investing and working for my Start-up
Result: #Failed - Lost some investment but it is Hedged
Introspection : Don't rely on #FamilyMembers unless they invest #TimeAndMoney
Lessons: Accounting and Inventory management
#NotMyWords: Nothing is funny here.

Last year Dec 29th I choose a three hour Surgery/Risk vs a Future of uncertainty/A State of Dilema
What : Doctor asked how are you ? I told "I am ready to sleep in the deathbed"
Result : #UnKnown - life back with a successful surgery with uncertain results :)
Introspection : I am late !. Destiny is the destination.
Lessons: Recognized #TrueFriends & Family, The Sooner is better listen to your heart, #BePositive (Matured mind creates dilemma)
#NotMyWords: Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday's sorrows but it empties today's strength.

Failures are the pillar of success and I am a great fan of failures, you see how many things I learnt from my mistakes, there are many in my life but these are very important which I wanted to emphasize here.

I can't disrespect #ArvindKejriwal, a person who wants to change our future, system and dream a corruption free India. I did my part by following an intellectual person who is logically correct in every way and dare to answer every damn question. An Honest and A Positive person only come back like this and they can't be laughed. World is changing so as the human nature and their deeds and I hate people who says After 20 years I would like to be a Director ! This person taught how can you transform the ideas into reality within an year in social media and in 49 days of its rules. Accept, Active, Ambitious, Authentic, Altruistic, Allure, Agile, Adaptable is what I believe #AamAdmiParty.

I am sure and I have seen Freshers and Youngsters in any company contribute for a successful project not the experienced ones.

I will laugh at the people who still thinks that an inexperienced people can't give a better governance,

They have to think again and ask them selves why Google, Facebook still hires freshers from IIT rather than hiring the most experienced people like them. And if they ask about an experienced Leader, I would again say Steve Jobs and Bill gates were not experienced when they founded their very successful company. So #Trust and #BeWithMe and we will bring #Kranti if we fail again.

#IAlwaysSay "Be prepared for the worst case", So do you and life becomes so easy for you.
#MyWords "You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar". PERIOD

Anyway Rahul assured her that he would take care of his health, she with mom and dad should not be worried of him at all. He took the cheaper route back to his apartment via train.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention (Why I wrote my android app Geo Pulse)

I was in bangalore when I use to wait for Adi everyday at Spice Garden to my office and I had to look for his white creamy car (sometimes he rides bike) out of hundreds of thousands of vehicles running on that busy road. I was not even able to stand quite at the bus stop, I had to keep a constant look at the bust road to see if Adi is approaching me? that’s the time I thought ofZPulse app . I thought of the idea being automatically notified when Adi’s car approaches my location. So that I can read my favorite news in peace and I get auto notified if he is around 200m from me.
Ok who will use it ? sure there is a need for such an app, got lazy for android app, learned GWT applications, got crazy upon web 2.0 google features. I left my half complete android app, and live the life how it was, never thought again for publishing it.
Left Bangalore and came to chicago with my wife and now a father of my cute son !. I had the same problem of getting to know if my wife and Son reached home safe after the clinic ? I have very busy work at my office. lots of meeting, lots of followups, c++ coding. When I go to office I am in a different world. I kind of get so busy that even though I want to know if my wife made safe to the clinic or get back to home with my son, I had to refill the prescriptions while going back to home ! I couldn’t do with the busy schedules that I have.
I thought of ZPulse again ! Why can’t I integrate the location pulses with my half complete app that I wrote in Bangalore. I made it. I didn’t use any server (which needs further investment and maintenance) . I simplified it used SMS for every ones use, which can run even without internet. Offline Google map to just see “where some one is” and google optimized, battery efficient location service to trigger events which can notify someone, do a task or remind of filling my prescriptions.
I made it, no internet required (use wifi/internet for location accuracy only) and published it for public use.
ZPulse now Understands sms messages with content
1) “Where are you” and sends a google map link to me when ever I need. No its not spying, user can always turn it off or control whose message can be answered or allow all the phone contacts under “Incoming Geo-Pulse Message” Settings. 
2) “Notify Me On Entry/Exit/Transit Near 200m Hospital” With a google map link for NMH to set a geofence which can now notify me when they reach the Clinic. with a SMS. 
3) Tasks that can control when I Eneter/exit a location e.g I can activate wifi and swith off bluetooth when I recah office.
4) Add location aware reminders to self or send this to somone e.g My wife can now send reminedsr to me with a sms  ”Remid Me On Exit Near 200m Office” With a google map link for my Office to refill prescription or bring milk. 
5) Integrated a quick Red Button to notify someone about the danger with users location.
6) As ZPulse is nothing but Geo-pulses that we can set or share with our close family members or whom we love or concerned off, I integrated the format of almost all sms based GPS device formats with ZPulse. So I made ZPulse understand sms based GPS formats using which users can Track pets, vehicles for free instead pf paying money for such apps which are sold for from 2$ to 7$ in market they can use this app for free and get realtime locations updates for their car/Vehicles/Pets. 
In fact this app can be very useful for new travelers to USA like my parents. They can use it in their phone and I get auto notifications when they reach Airport, Hotels, Disney or the place those were planned. I can even know their location when I need just by sending a “where are you” message from any mobile !
Hope my story helps understand the usefulness of the app that I wrote ZPulse which is now available in Google play.
If someone wants to use with a GPS Device to track their lovely Pet/Car, device can be purchased  from amazon refer: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001FYQO3W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Monday, April 29, 2013

Resignation Letter

Change is good. Adaptability is agility and that's what the life is. I too believe that the characteristics of a successful life is in the promotion in ones personal life. Quite a long time and I was not able to take the life time decision. Some time back even I had the dilemma and it was really difficult to answer the Love vs Arranged. I always found winners and losers in both of this fields. But God is great ! He sends the message with some hint through some mediators and the Human, I mean me couldn't deny the fact that I decided ! It was easy, real easy for me to take such a life time decision. It was the capital city of chhatisgarh and destiny blessed us both to accept that without further delay we must end the courtship and land our-self to the golden period of betrothal. Impressed with her human resource manager and equally the entrepreneurial com entertainer skills I decided to take the vows of the nuptial knot as early as possible and here the day has arrived. I also hope to be lucky as you my married friends, to see someone waiting for me at my next workplace HOME and being promoted from Single to Married !

Ohh !! Let me not disappoint by closing the cap of my pen without writing few formal lines of resignation letter to my beloved girl friends too :)

Hi All,

            It’s time to say adieu to all my girl friends as you may be aware that I have been inspired to resign from my bachelor ship for my desired partner elsewhere. Yes as you may be aware that I got engaged and of course committed last Feb and the dates of my bachelor ship here ends on coming May and I would like to consider this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all of you who have implicitly become x-gf hear on, with whom I have been closely associated during my bachelor ship and who in some way have inspired and encouraged me directly or indirectly to take this step.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pizzaaa

Its the Gemini's words still prevails in Rahul's mind. He knew it has to be, after all... his star-stone  is what she always carry with her. She might be thinking that she is wrong somewhere in her that half an hour of conversation but no! Rahul blames himself always for not able to take the next step, The reason is pretty simple for him. She was not able to break the family restrictions and rituals. Its the 'boys first' when the proposal matters. It's him who has to give the go ahead sign to the girl and then the family would try to convince the girl ! why ? Rahul couldn't find the answer when every one says 'Girls First' as always.

The modern but not the generation shifted  family is not able to understand that its really not sufficient time to take a life time decision either for the girl or Rahul in just a half an hour meeting where neither he nor she could even see each other without a hesitation. After all it was there first time meet and its like you met a stranger in a train journey, shared some jokes and memories and see of in the respective destinations. The next time you see them you might not recognize each other! Yes its a tendency of every normal human being. Of course the second time meet creates a better impact and is much stronger.

Too many chickens spoils the broth; that's what happens with the Indian style traditional arranged marriage in many of the 'possible marriage cases'. He heard last time from Vinod that he didn't like the aunt of the brides house who passed a joke on his getup, but bride was good, smart and beautiful..Then? No the ego hurts! Also he heard from Niraj how his uncle had an argument with the brides brother in law for a state political issue and the end result was a broken engagement !. And Ritu case was just unacceptable! the couple were good going, love after the engagement (you can say) ended with a broken marriage just before a week of the marriage date.

Nothing happened this time though there were aunts even brother in laws, there were jokes and also arguments on the national political affairs but the main purpose was not fulfilled. Rahul had to share some personal talks in public with her in front of rest of the family members. Of course its natural to be unnatural during such conversation among all of them. Even the eye contact was as less as possible during their life time question and answers and other casual talks. In the mean while the family kiddo and the jolly dimples also were making jokes. It was surely an entertaining conversation but not sufficient for him.

I was in a hurry to home on that rainy day. It was too late and I didn't have anyway but enter into the spice garden pizza hut. Rahul !! After a long time I met him. I asked him to share a pizza. He agreed and shared his story so far ..

I started ..
Now a days the Indian traditional families look for a Pizza Groom. Most demanding Candidate for an educated daughter. They are more interested on toppings rather than the dough. A handsomely paid job, owner of a metro flat. like the colors of the pizza. If he owns some degrading assets like a 4 wheeler or his parents owns 6-8-10 wheeler, that's even better. A metro flat worth 6 million Rupees ! Is it also a degrading asset?

Rahul said ..
It is just an arrogance if the guy buys it with a house loan in our heavily taxed system without some real good percentage of cash. Ok that's a different topic But how to know the quality of the dough ? They tend to forget what the Pizza Groom really saves at the end of the day spending on all its toppings. But there is no way that with a few phone call or a face to face meeting you can dive into the dough unless you really have it. But its also true that a Pizza Groom can't afford to have all these toppings unless he proved himself in the runway of the career competition.

By the time the Pizza was over and I concluded and saw him off saying..
I recently read What young India wants - few essays and columns by Chetan Bhagat. He would definitely have added some elders this time to his readers database, but apparently lost some countable percentage of younger from his reader database (As you know the masala is missing in this book). I personally never liked his earlier writings! I somehow liked this book. It would have been good to add a topic in his own way, may be in the form of Two States part - II where he would have solutioned a better arrange marriage system which would have helped both the Indian parents and the Young Indians a happier social system. I really feel surprised to hear that 87 percent of our Indian woman are stressed (in this book) for some or other reason and I am sure our Indian social system counts much to it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Rahul remembers his schooldays when he had to walk or run to the school after having food. She was so fast even in her wooden woven with the smokey room. Food was tasty and the smoking scent use to add a home made flavor on it. ... Ohh so delicious !!! He takes the hot bite. He hardly feels the taste while eating the hot food, it is so hot. He fights back so that she should have served it already before he sits on the floor or leaf mat for the food. He also shouts for the glass full of water. She is never allowed to go anywhere but sits near him until he finishes the food and out for the school. At the same time the younger Lata would also have the same arguments with mom. They both gets their equal share. Rahul runs back from school, roti with patato tomato curry is served as per Rahul's direction. He grabs it quickly and run again for playing the roadside stone games with his friends. He comes back and the usual fight begins with Lata. Mom fixes it quickly. Rahul is convinced and jump on to her lap and mom pulls Lata too and says the brother sister stories and king and queen stories and every one laughs when there is a satire and feel sad when their is a tragedy. 

He left home for studies after his school. He left his school friends he made new friends, but couldn't find better friends than his school yet. He packs all his dirty clothes while going home on college holidays even during his first year of professional life to burden his mom while spending his holiday resting and travelling. He doesn't fight for food anymore when he goes back to home on holidays for his special food. He feels easily satisfied what mom makes. She doesn't have the wooden woven anymore. She uses the gas stove and Rahul misses the smoky flavor still the food is tasty. She doesn't tell stories anymore but kept occupied with Lata with the usual gossip and talk about the TV serials making lunch dinner and breaking breakfast in their new home. He stills love to sleep on moms lap and when she combs his long hairs he says he missed her a lot and mom gives a smile and squeezes his lips, it pains but rahul still feels the sweetness in it. Rahul's mom use to get angry when he gets fish from market without informing her but the fry would come out like the best mom in the world have prepared for her sweetest son. He never mind to care taking the biggest share of the fish fry.

Rahul is married now. Rahul is staying with Lavanya his beautiful wife. She too works as an assistant business analyst. They both earn handsomely. They partied at Le-Meridian this year celebrating their anniversary. They also enjoy movies in multiplex and also have the dinner at the finest restaurant almost every weekend. They have a cook who cooks every morning and night for the lunch and dinner except the weekends. They also bought the best fully automatic washing machine . He feels proud to marry Lavanya a talented CA and when in their office party she has the getup with the red and blue sharee with her stylish handbag from Italy and the audience eyes popped out seeing her beauty he feels a magnified chest inside. He likes to spend sometime alone at their balcony late night remembering his childhood days. He fought last time with his mom for seeing Lata many often after her marriage too but she didn't have anytime to visit his house after the first month of his marriage. No it was an arranged marriage and surprisingly Lavanya the bride was almost 1000 percent selected by mom she was so happy seeing such a beautiful girl and also she was impressed with her caring words on the day of her visit. Rahul never complains when Lavanya fails the right salt proportion in his favorite fish fry. He pulls the salt bottle from the dining table with a smile towards Lavanya and Lavanya says she would do better next time. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Proposal

Lilima got the message in her gmail. She was astonished it was from a unknown person seem to be a boy. Subject was interesting though she didn't like the approach. Still looked through the mail content more precisely. It was from a boy name Deepam. She liked the name. But the mail didn't come from gmail-id it was from the facebook copied to gmail. Without wasting much time she logged-in to facebook and started reading the message inbox. Deepam wrote a proposal letter to her. Proposal !! No it was just a Note of interest from Deepam to Lilima for his marrige proposal. Lilima laughed. She read more Deepam wrote that he is interested in her profile and he also found that her interests matching his expectations so he would like to discuss more on this aspect if she is willing to take it further. He also shared his phone number in the mail.

Lilima's inner mind spoke what this guy is writing ! Is this the way he should approach ? He doesn't have any commonsense. Facebook is for fun and making friendship and chat, share photo and updates and comments. Lilima got a pause, she got tempted to give a missed call to the given number. She held her back in excitement called Anju her room partner. Showed the message both started laughing though Anju knew that Lilima was getting ready for her marriage and her parents also started looking for the proposal. Instead of judging more she told Lillima don't you know frauds now a days we get such spam every now and then. Now a days these boys to make friendship they write such emotional story and try to get the phone numbers and email address of girls. Without waiting more Anju called Namita too and shared the same. Namita said you should take it positively if it interests you you should acknowledge otherwise convey you are not interested as simple as that. Why to make it a joke. Anju said No he must learn a lesson Let me call Veeru and she quickly said the matter and passed the number to him. Lillima couldn't decide what to do for a while she started thinking she wouldn't have told to Anju may be Namita was right though she didn't like the approach. Meanwhile Anju's boy friend Veeru was already ready to show his manhood wirelessly.

Deepam was thinking its been two days now and he didn't get any response from Lillima. He was thinking was it right or wrong ?. What he could do. He is from a family who have very less contacts. Their family now realized the benefit of making relationship from far and new places. What he could have done. He tried to find in matrimony but he hardly found any good match in matrimony too. Like himself many people who are looking candidates for marriage are not yet in matrimony. He never found any candidate from his region in the matrimony neither he is connected with them anyway in facebook. If he wants to reach them how could he reach them he didn't have any other way then forming a honest message to show his interest towards Lillima. He shared the phone number too. Whats wrong in that ! He also knew from Sunil his roommate last time, how the girl parents shouted him when he contacted Preety similarly through gmail. What was wrong in it! He doesn't understand why people have so many restrictions in arranged marriage too. Parents are still very closed minded. Parents still thinks if the boy directly contacts girl for a proposal even it is a sin like love marriage though Sunil or Deepam never mind it anyway. They think they have missed the opportunity to be loved so they are suffering now. Some friends even say "Bhukto Abhi sale, Bahut Sadhu bane firte the college mein, khali padhai padhai.. kya ukhad liye padhai karke. You are also working Me too ! U are also earning Me too. but I got my Girl.. Now You are throwing stones into the highly populated mass in india where you need to choose from the lessly populated matrimony match ha ha haaa ... ". I too think what Deepam's friend says is quite justified.

Atleast peoples mind set is changing now a days. Otherwsie when the matrimony sites like Bharatmatrimony.com or Shaadi.com started many people were reluctant to put their photo in these sites. Many people might have started laughing at these site owners initially for sure. That's not a show place to compete with other competetiors, but now its completely a paradigm shift. World is so busy people hardly have time. People who are realizing it they are not hesitating to put them in matrimony and run the race of candidate fight. But anyway Deepam was interested in the profile who seem to be better match in Facebook then matrimony sites.

He is not so handsome he knows and she might have already saw his photo shared in facebook and would be able to get a picture of his personality from the facebook timeline too but he is hopeful that he can be good husband and he also hopes that if Lillima would reject his proposal she would execute it wisely. She wouldnt make him a joke. Ok what will happen if she jokes also, anyway he had taken his own effort at least that he won't repent later. He knows himself, it is quite difficult to stop himself when he wants to do something seriously after all it is his life turning decision. He was lost in his thought and then the mobile rang .. He bewildered, picked the phone.. Other side with a very rough voice started shouting at him "Hey what do you think man this is how you placate a girl ! Leave all your ugly technique. Think thousand times before you next time send any message or any request to any girl. You don't have any work, don't have any sense of maturity to trouble these girls ?. Deepam was shocked he kept quite listening to all other ugly words from the vocals of Veeru, didn't utter a single word in his reply till the time his phone was busy. He never cared He smiled again and got busy again singing one of Enrique's song "Why Not Me ...."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Drunken Donkies

Rahul was hanging  with Bijay and Beda at his hometown last time. It was after a long time, Rahul had a long vacation time for his family and friends. Bijay is a lawyer and Beda is a field manager for mobile tower installations. They are school days friend. They sometimes shared drinks together when Rahul started his engineering. They spoke about School and College both. Beda was never been a science student but he could make him self somehow connected to mobile network technology.He never sat for the exam even for making him the field manager. He works truly in network. He hardly visits his office. He is a field manager right he always be in fields he always say. He has two kids now. Bijay is still single like Rahul. Vijay was not good in studies in his school but he was hopeful, Rahul too believed he has some potential. He proved himself and now one of the best youngest lawyer in his area.

Rahul was again so busy at home he couldn't give anytime to his childhood boy friends being so much busy in his work for his new adventures at his hometown. But he had to meet everyone, he met Kishore, Chandan, Sushil and others many at a while during his visit to the ATM, Bazar and Shopping for his mom and sis. Vijay and Beda were left and it was an wonderful evening He met Beda at the daily market post where citi's best chhaye walla serves tea. He owns a 1 Crore villa nearby. Taking the best half-tea from the tea maker they were just started the talks and Vijay also joined them. He is a jolly man. And the talk began from school days to college. Soumya to Suma and Vinay to Nilesh every one. Ohh shame they are too old to talk all these nonsense but don't know still they enjoyed the talk and it didn't stop there, it was ofcourse the bachelor's gossip started then ! They also started discussing about the Oriya and Marwadi thoughts and personalities. Beda started explaining how the Oriya association this time won the trophy for the Ganesh Puja celebration events. Wow Rahul was really surprised and congratulated him. All more than 150 members in that oriya association gave 1000 rupees each as a charity and they didn't collect from the city people like how others typical indians do for any public celebrations blocking the roads and forcing the society people in the city. That was a good initiative for sure. Vijay also acknowledged, they also pegged Rahul to contribute Rs 2000 this time and Rahul couldn't say No !

Topic changed and they started talking about the profession. Rahul appreciated Beda for really working in fields. Vijay also supported Rahul's word he really is Mobile man yarr. He always be here but works remotely in mobile technology as a field manager. Veda said yes man "I am so called field manager right !" He was too right at his remarks, why not when the job is done without being present at the station why to be really present. Rahul asked Beda has he ever thought of being a field manager ? Beda commented "Neither You Nor Bijay with your profession right ?" Every one nodded. World is changing very fast so as the need, so as the environment and so as the aim and our vision. For a moment surely every ones thought might have travelled back and Rahul also thought how he changed his track from being a scientist to a typical easy money making software engineer. So as Bijay commented it is for sure that what we do now is earning us good but still not sufficient. Rahul asked why ? what do you think? Are you not satisfied ? Are you not satisfied Beda ? No not even me ? Looking at the stray dog they started laughing this is the only creature we see is happiest among all and they had a blast of laugh. Beda told he is married, he has now two kids he has more burden than the others so he has to find some alternatives to earn more.

So Rahul asked is that made every one of us to choose a profession where we are not good at but doing it just for the sake of living and have prestige in the society thats all. Every one seemed to be agreeing with him. Yes Look at the marwadi here they are well educated, their son have studied in IITs but they are working in their own cloth store or the hotel or the factory ? Because they know the charm of being the boss of their own business. They know the charm of being the leader. They know how to invest and multiply. They have practical experience in  Financial Education. They Know the real answer of "What do you do ?". Look at that Chayee Walla he has A Crore Villa and surely if we will be sticking in our profession we can't build it. Why do we think so much when we have a solution ? Solution what ? Every one speak solution, who applies it ? Beda said I applied it, I am failing every time ! Rahul said even he tried it. "What do you do?" what does it mean Beda and Bijay both asked to Rahul.

Rahul said I mean when a person ask What do you do ? may be a stranger who might ask this question then what we answer. We choose to tell our profession right ? What makes the difference when a businessman speaks though he has studies from IIT. Conclusion is simple the professional is always needy and poor than the businessman. Then why all these studies its all waste I or You could have done the business from the very beginning ? True but why then why the marwadi still chose to teach his son in IIT ? Education is important, we should be able to use our education in our business, yes we dont have prio experience in business neither our family but we can start here with for our future generation. Now most of earning goes in tax where as businessman has lot of alternatives to utilise the money to save tax and most of his daily needs are covered by not his earnings but the business does it for them. What I mean here "We work for money but a businessman Money works for him". Its every professional who works for money and we spend most of our money in liabilities. Bijay told of course we shouldn't love our profession. Its just fulfill our basic needs and our standard of living and we spend all of this shit. We can't definitely go back and open chayye shop now it hurts not us but the society. Why society yarr. Wont they come and have a hot cup of tea in the chilled winter ? Rahul added. Open a chayee store but use your lawship in the chayee shop. When I open a Chayye shop I would use my software skills in it. Add the skills or the talent we earn in our career or profession make it little masaledar a little different than the old chaayewalla. It will click or flick right ? There is a risk ofcourse there is risk but what if it clicks ? Why to take risk man !! Ohh God the Cab stops right at the same place and the crowd had to break !

Anyway while coming back to home Rahul was murmurring more on the same topic why he is choosing to start apparel business though he knew that farming would be more profitable in long run.. Animal Farming or  Vegitable farming ? May be both but he has not yet concluded ! but surely he would have started the realestate if he would have some more money. Earning from his profession is definitely a short term solution for his long term Goals. So he would still continue his profession but sooner he would stop loving his profession and he reached home.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Is it Love ? Is it Lust ? Is it a Lot !!

I remember I was already 3 years old in Bangalore and having 3 years of experience in my career I saw her for the first time. I felt like I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. I felt little bad cause the attire was of course a bridal one ! Whatever I never cared I lost my self watching the small, the beautiful eyes. Mean while I started making my eyes little smaller and while watching her my lips formed a wave, made a curve and I started smiling at her. Thought wow "Eyes Have it". But When I smiled I realized Her smile is more attractive than her eyes even ! Thinly built a perfect to her face with a lighter smile she was looking great and perfect. And my smile was not perfect though I smiled after a long time. I continued watching her smile and searched for her lively picture. I found it. I played it and she was with the 'Langa Voni' and it was perfect for her personality. She looked homely and naughty too. I saw her eyes talking and smiles making me more than happier ever. It was the day I saw her whole day till evening. I forgot the worries I had, I forgot my misunderstanding with the God.

It's been the day I saw her, I just started smiling. I started smiling from the heart again. Whenever I have a fight with my health and terrible tired out from office or mind goes back to my childhood memories, I miss the beautiful and happier side of life, I sit quite at my home alone, my friends out for movies or with their girlfriends leaving me, I opened the same picture and live-pictures and have it in my eyes, smiled and entertained myself. I started comparing every girl I see, I look for the same eyes and same lips and same smile and some of their acts if they resembles her. Its the day I heard the song she danced I started loving Telugu and Telugu songs too. I just loved the Telugu culture too. I was overwhelmed at my friends marriage at Hyderabad. I watched many Telugu Movies. When ever I could find a plot I spoke about her with my friends, more about Telugu movies, more about Telugu songs. I made a small favorite collection of Telugu video and mp3 too. I started watching and listening them most of my leisure time. Ahha no no I am not like the crazy cricket lovers. I just loved watching her smiling and it made me forget my pains and boredom.

No no its not that I remember her only when I am unhappy. I remember her when ever I can even now and its been almost 5 years. I spoke a lot about her with my girl friends too. Some get jealous cause they think I love her more then any one. One of my girl friends just hates her watching even ! and stopped listening Telugu songs too. So many friends pinged me asking who is she when I wished her this year on May 4th on her birthday in my GTalk status. I call few of my girl friends to watch her live when she appears in TV. I remember once I was at ooty I saw her from far, I got so exited but couldn't gather so much courage to face her. One of my girl friend msg/call me when she is live in TV or see her in TV program or in any movie, But I hate it when she is not with Mahesh or Siddharth. Some friends say me She is black in complexion ! I say I started loving it with a smile. Some friends say she is a drunkard. I say don't you drink too with a smile.

Some asks why do you so much crazy about her ? I answers I am not crazy I just adore her. I am passionate for her smile, eyes, her childish act in most of her act. I say I don't mind what she is in her personal life. But her smile makes me smile, her language tought me loving different cultures, her songs tought me listening songs from every language which i never understand, her dance made me enjoy every bit of music which doesn't have any language, her beauty tought me finding beauty everywhere and in everything. Her videos from Athadu, Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa tought me finding happiness watching them again and again and how to enjoy being in the same profession, same place, with same friends and visiting same place again-n-again and finding new and exiting happiness every time I am with them or I visit them and every day I work in day today life. She has become a part of my life. I don't mind if I don't see her in my Real life or in future but I can't stop loving her and Can't think of Leaving her. Trisha is my best of the best friends so far and will be for ever.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We couldn't be better than best friends !

Rahul was a one man army for quite a longtime solving puzzles, analysis and design in his 30 years of career and struggles on relationships, friendship and personal, professional life. All of a sudden Rahul felt he was the saddest person in the whole world. He still couldn't solve many of his personal problems though he wanted and could solve others and make them happy. He still couldn't buy the sober doll for his mother who he wished the happiest mother ever. He still the same software engineer and till now no promotion. He still didn't own his own house yet. He still in his status of singleness of the youths life. He still carries the loan and borrowings of others.

Why ! He was looking for the answer He was restless though he solved the puzzle it took him very longtime which a smarter guy wouldn't take. He missed it again like he missed quite a good chunk of CAT score two years back for just the time gap. Whole night he was narrating and summerising the failures and success in his life where he went wrong and where he succeeded. He remembered his college days and also the days in profession. He remembered the persons and the personality who has impacted much in his life. He reminded few of his best friends Anand, Deepak, Devi, Pooja, Lavanya, Raj, Ketan. Few he chosen to be his best friends and few chosen him to be their best friends. Some more names Neeta, Narendra, Bhusan, Dillip were in the list of his friends too. He remembered the happiness he almost lost. He traversed many of his friendly messages from his good and best friends one by one.

Neeta : "Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday's sorrows but it empties todays strength". be happy for ever GN :)
Reshma : "Promises We break them sometimes, Memories: Break us sometimes". Have a Pleasant evening :)
Pooja : "When you fully trust a person without any doubt You finaly get 'One person for life' or 'A lesson for life'" Good Nit :-)

many more ..... good and bad but Rahul liked these messages most and kept reading them again and again some more he read again

Raj: "When you learn to attract girls, u'll realise what is luv,
When you learn to avoid gals, u'll realise wat is life"
Ketan: Be a friend like woman's bra 1. colorful 2. comfortable 3.stretchable 5.holding u tightly 6. never let
you down 7. always near heart :)" gn tc :)
Anand: 3 lines 2 sum up everything
I learnt abt LOVE: "it doesn't last"
I learnt abt PEOPLE: "they change fast"
I learnt abt LIFE: "it still moves on"

ofcourse Har ek friend jaruri hai yarr !!! after all they are our entertainer, they make us smile when we are sad and see these simple messages had given enough strength and smile to Rahul to start a lateral thinking.

Yes 7 years passed in his earnings life and it still goes on in the same way it used to 23 years back when he wasn't earning !. Lots of crest and tough crossed still the life boat is un-sunk and its just moves on in tandem with the life's busy momentum and responsibilities. Many people have changed some people he has forgotten and some have forgotten him too. Time didn't allow him to Love or be Loved. He still doesn't have any worry. He now has few very best friends and its the age, the busy life which made him to be like this. No he feels every person has this nightmare in their life. The more length they cross on the journey of life they tend to feel lonely and lonelier. That's the reason human has built society, family, wife, friends, close friends, best friends.

Yes he couldn't see Lavanya anymore neither in his messages nor in his day to day life but always wish happiness around her ! He knows it was she who cared him the most and stood as the best of the best friends ever. Who helped him in his struggling career and also laid her shoulder in every happy and sorrowful moments. He always felt it could be more than the best friendship she deserved but he didn't find anything for her more than in his dictionary. He knew She deserved more and when he let her marry and purposely made her out of his circles he was more happy than being sad. She deserved more than him and his friendship and he didn't want her to be so unlucky. She wouldn't be able to see his unstable personal and professional life. She would again come back with more help which Rahul always hates. He always wanted to be self sufficient and He needed time. He now thinks he still need time. But time always deceived him. He purposely lost the contact of Lavanya for quite many years to help himself. He let her sail her own boat of her married life. Yes she is successful and Rahul feels happy to hear all those from other friends. He knows She would forgive him anytime they meet again. He never hesitate to beg excuse from her anytime he meets her. Bhusan opened the door and ran the basin ohh it was 7 am morning.!! Rahul couldn't realise it whole night he was reading all these messages and thinking about the bad and good past. He gathered himself went to another room and locked himself to have a sleep.

Deepak came knocked the door, ohh it was 10am Rahul woke-up opened the door Bhusan left for interview locking the door from outside. Deepak: hey whats up man till now sleeping lets go we will go for shopping right !! Rahul couldn't escape it as it was planned already the day before Deepak's marriage day is near and they have to buy some bridal rings from D'Damas at meenakhi mall. He got ready Deepak and rahul started for Menakhi mall. Meenakhi mall D'Damas they entered inside. Rahul wished always when he would buy such expensive white gold chain and rings. He was just checking the price and guessing when he would be able to buy something for him. Or can he afford it anythime in future !! A set, necklace the sales man handed over to the front couple and said 2.64 Lakhs sir. The gentle man said you can pack it she liked it no more choice. Rahul felt uneasy but so happy for the lucky bride for such a gentleman. He wanted to see her and him. And suddenly a voice which was very known and familiar to Rahul was heard. "Rahul what r u doing here, I am so happy to see you with a nice smile and without any hesitation she introduced the gentleman this is Rahul and he is my husband". Rahul felt like he got all the happiness of his life to day. He got the message, He thanked God for making him so light of the yesterday's pain and heaviness. He couldn't stop and pulled Deepak's shoulder and introduced "She is Lavanya and he is her husband". Rahul was right and very happy and while talking he was lost in his own thought "We couldn't be better than best friends".

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

180 Days of True Lies

Main Protagonists :- Rahul, Nisha, Pooja, Neeta and many others true and lies

11.11.11 and 11pm night. what a coincidence so many msgs arrived at Rahul's Mobile ! Yes this was the day, it seems many people were waiting for the day for sure, so as Rahul. Morning also many people greeted Rahul for an auspicious day or new beginning. Rahul was surely looking positive for the coming days ahead. He was always right, right again and Nisha proved it again ! It was an endevour of allmost 60days, fruit was never so satisfactory or any great victory for Rahul. He knew it on completion he will be blamed more than he will achieve, he will be laughed more than praised, he will loose his dignity more than he earns, he will loose the trust more than he is deceived. But he had to do it for the sake up his future and peace in his life. Of-course Rahul has lost his many of his valuable properties in past few months.

It was an outstanding revelation by Nisha and Neeta was also in loop by Rahul. Neeta !! Yes she is Nisha's childhood friend. A good girl for sure who understands her human values and family values too. On the day after Diwali Nisha introduced her to Rahul and 15-20 minutes of talk was enough to understand her for Rahul. Nisha had to because Rahul had started avoiding her and noway that she could reach him more if she doesn't introduce a good abstract or a supporting actress. Nisha always use to say she is a good girl but easy to be fooled ! Rahul knows it already that always good people are fooled easily because they don't think complicated part of anything but believe others. But they always learn and learnt definitely from their mistakes which the smartest or people who think they are smart would never learn in their life. Nisha never could realize that she has been over confident from last 3-4 months and now heading for a new nightmare to begin without her knowledge and with her over confidence ! Rahul had thought of it already that Nisha is going to tell about her relation with Sanju in a different way though but so close to his right guess, otherwsie from Neeta anyway he will get to know sooner or later but she has to tell something in someway that he never would mind it again even though he gets to know later from someone else like Neeta.

176 days before Nisha came like storm to Rahuls life seeking a help. Rahul was always a guy who helped others and didn't hesitate to help Nisha this time. Nisha was just a common friend whom he met in Pooja's BDay Party. May be that day rahul couldn’t guess that this small introduction with Nisha will impact his life style in future. Pooja used to tell sometimes about Nisha's sorrowful journey of life and also crazy part of her life. Rahul has this personality that he hardly speak in a group and the same thing he repeated at the BDay party but he couldn't stop his bad habit of analyzing Nisha which concluded him of a girl who is very modern and stylish and cryptic and clever nature. Rahul couldn't stop himself helping Nisha but. Her cry was loud and louder than the Banglaore traffic that day. She was desperately looking for an emotional help. She met an accident with a scoundrel and a victim of eve teasing by her Boy friend whom she broke-up that day, which was reveled with her sobbing words. Rahul just couldn't avoid her listening and asked her to pass by his house which he guided over the phone. He consoled and gave a soothing and friendly hand to her and hoped that she will groom strength soon and bid a happy farewell later. She smiled and went home. Then the friendship began. He told it to pooja and pooja was quite happy with Rahuls help after-all Nisha was her crazy immature friend whom she always guided and she also said Nisha need help and he must help her overcoming her bad past. Rahul acknowledged.

Rahul guided Nisha and Nisha seemed to be following and showed her happyness and transformations. Slowly Rahul and Nisha became well friend. Meanwhile Nisha showed her love, affection and her care towards Rahul. Rahul was over careful this time for such a fast track relationship. He knows his struggling life and future and past, he couldn't accept her though he was pity he tried to convince her that he is not the right guy and he could be good friend not more. Nisha was restless she had to prove that her care was genuin. She did what ever she could do to prove her love and Rahul was unable to avoid because she was too weak to be convinced and he was unable to see her every day cry and sorrows she used to reveal. She used to update each and every status she is doing for him. Sometimes he use to analyse more and found that Nisha's over explanation seemed to be disturbing more and more. He was unable to handle when Nisha used to come running to meet him every weekend or in between, She started to insist him to meet her brotherly friends everytime she came to meet with a common cause. He had to say hi to them atleast to see a smile in her face cause he can't see a girls cry. Next time he meets Nisha he convinced her saying that he doesn't like to be a role model for other friends of her and she need not bring them along with her when she meet him. Nisha stopped. Rahul was unable to manage time between software engineer life and meeting Nisha every time he gets a little time for himself and for his friends. He avoided more but couldn't avoid more when Nisha asked him to visit temple every weekend. She sometimes used to go wild when Rahul denied of going to temple in her scooty. He never believes in going to temple every weekend. God is omnipresent and thats how he managed to be with him as always and he hardly visit temple. And when he told the samething to Nisha, She was unable to take it but cried more and Rahul couldn't see her crying again. She has stopped drinking and going to pub for him she said, she also prayed God for him. Ohh so much it was quite so much to prove her sincerity and caring from Gods nearer child.

Rahul was never convinced this time too as she didn't stop meeting her very close friend Chandan who was her table friend she used to tell. Around two month later Nisha said Chandan was engaged and going to marry and soon stopped talking about Chandan there after. Rahul didn't investigate. Nisha was restless and not convinced that Rahul cant be more than a friend afterall Rahul seems to be a one girl guy. She can't loose him for sure. In the mean while Rahul concluded he can't decide anything just for a 3 months of friendship for sure as he knew when he was out of station Nisha never bothered his where about and one day for a cause when Rahul wanted to talk to Nisha, her mobile was unanswered and later known to be left silent which she reveled on a late night message. He had to seek help from Pooja and Pooja used to be there always though she is married. Nisha was more stuburn She was unable to understand Rahuls personality and nature. She showed her ultra care but didn't try to understand him and his personality. Rahul started telling her that she should stop showing her over care and give sometime to understand him, that could be more helpful to her. He doesn't like meeting her every other day just for a walk to the temple. He recognized something wrong, He realizes Nisha's reaction was unbelievable at Meenakhi Mall while talking about his friends Arya's marriage with his beloved girl who eloped with her invisible old boy friend which made Rahul very confused. He warned him self ! He spoke to himself quite often at dinner table with friends. Friends good guessed and started teasing him calling him in the name of Nisha. After all Nisha was a common friend and he couldn't reveal anything but used to give his 1 million dollar smile. He didn't try to understand what his other friends started concluding about him and Nisha. It was quite obvious and friends return smile was making him more careful.

Rahul already felt restless and he also found that the more he argue and avoid Nisha, her wilderness would increase, he had to be friendly he had to be lenient. Rahul's friends smiled more at the dinner table. Rahul would never react and he would talk about marriage and business to avoid his return smile. Nisha started to hear Rahul again. The next weekend she met Rahul she hugged Rahul and expressed her genuine love with a kiss. Rahul hugged her tight and Nisha's expression was quite interesting but looked uneasy to rahul, he was not ready no he can't he gathered himself, he untied his ring of hands from her waist and pushed her far and said hope you understand me and I can't give a false impression to our holy friendship. Nisha was quite and left the room. She never tried the same again. She now never comes very often to meet him to his room but update him more of her doings and work in her company and how she recently met most of her childhood friends. She still says, she saw him in her dreams almost everyday. She still says 'Uddan Movie hero' is like you with a big smile. Her day starts with Rahul name and ends with Rahul name so boldly which really makes Rahul very much confused and sometimes wild.

Four months passed Nisha showed her sincerity as always by her words of emotions, sometimes with a cry and phone sms. By this time Rahul started singing and and murmuring the very best English songs of Enrique and Nicole which would be the best songs played in most of Bangalore pubs and clubs ! Rahul became weak in his talks and rude in his behaviors and also felt emotional while talking to his mom. He felt like he lost his smile ! He was never like this before. He believed he lost many of his natural properties and also loosing his valuable time. He doesn't talk practical now. He has become little broadminded then ever but too weak to help himself in his saddest time. He started analyzing his recent past being far and quite, how Nisha managed to convince when she didn't pick his call another whole day till 10 PM. Rahul got to know that she was not with her child hood friend Ritu. He was amazed that Ritu didn't know him even though Nisha and Rahul's friendship is so popular in Nisha's office. He started to be too cryptic to his own best friends. He didn't spoke to Pooja from last three months and four months is passed already with Nisha. He had to visit Nisha often to a park not let her come to his house anymore because Nisha's house was too far and her mother would be waitting for her return. He knows the pain of waiting for a beloved. Bearing her for two hour was quite difficult for him when Nisha accidentally used She and He together and Her and His with Sanju who used to be a childhood friend of her while talking in the park. Rahul didn't intervene but used to give smile when she does such mistakes. Now Nisha doesn't use She and Her with Sanju anymore and She also told that Sanju is her best friend whom she met when she met other her childhood friend on that day and they often go in his car for long rides but she always prefers to sit on the back seat. She also told  how she used to spend whole lots of time together in childhood days aside the railway tracks, schools, so funny moments with Neeta, Radha, Rekha, Anuj and others. Rahul smiles when Nisha used to smile after sharing each of her funny moments. At the same time he remembers how she used to go wild and acknowledged that she can't take it when he used to tell about his best female friends in earlier days of their friendships.

Rahul is more careful now in his guess and analysis and din't let Nisha know that he is guessing right but tried to give her hint teasing him in the name of her child hood friend Sanju. He tried his best to let Nisha know that he knows many incidents and many of her friends personally and she should stop explaining and updating more. He also hinted that she should stop showing her love towards him unnecessarily. Now Nisha couldn't stop reveling that she met Sanju at the same time when she met Rahul in a pub but it was just an accident and she never drank or drink. Since that day they are close friends and meet in groups and fight and fun with other child hood friends who never drinks or go to pub. Rahul smiled and nodded. Nisha gestures Rahul's belief. But Rahul couldn't stop analysing more and he was almost convinced that some day very near Nisha would tell a new adventure with her child hood friends surely and Rahul guessed it he was definite that the day was near.

Messages were so nicely narrated by Nisha like never before, all the messages Rahul knew the style of messages she writes and the way she express along with her hidden body language was so different today. One week back Nisha along with Sanju, Anuj, Mohan, Rekha, Radha and Naina and an unknown friend met in Mohan apartments and they planned for a disco in his big house of double bedroom and a hall Kitchen. Lights switched off, every one started drinking. Rahul was already prepared to hear this because he knew it already from quite a long time may be he was sure for this day on the first day which was around 176 days of their true and lies of  friendship. Nisha was concerned as she doesn't drink anymore and went to watch an animation movie in Mohan study room. Every one was her childhood friend so she felt secure and safe and was lost in her Movie. In the meanwhile the unknown fellow came and handed over a glass of sprite and asked her to come to the hall and join them dancing with the disco and loud music. All that he wanted to hear from Nisha is what Nisha is now writing it like a movie scene, so nicely articulated each message taking more longer than typing speed of a human hand as if she has become a writer today. She couldn't set her back to the movie cause the vodka mixed sprite was already into her body and mind. She danced a while and reminded of Rahul came back to study room again slept on a bed phone was ringing on her belly she never could care it. By that time music was stopped every one went to their respective room. Rahul is in peace and controlled state and slowly reading and waiting for the next message to arrive, he never cares or excited to write a reply immediately after Nisha's each message. After-all he has been waiting for this day from a long time and he must not loose his patience.
Study room was not latched meanwhile someone came touched her hand, she could feel Rahul's hand, some one kissed and she could feel Rahul's lips now and Some one hugged and She could feel Rahul's body warmth but the phone was still ringing she uttered Rahul saw the phone was ringing and it was from Rahul and the man beside was Sanju, she was shocked, beg her pardon and rushed to the bathroom and took a shower and left the room as soon as possible. Rahul didn't loose his patience atall till Nisha elaborate her adventurous act with a nicely articulated story. Afterwards she never meets Sanju anymore and they had a fight. She realised that She loves Rahul and She is for him she will be Rahul's forever. She never met neither would meet any of her friends anymore.Yes around five messages small and big which almost took two hours to reach Rahul's Mobile !!. With a big sigh of relief at last Rahul asked if the messages are over or still more. Nisha said its over. She didn't know that each message was a grief of shame which was definitely a lie to plot a new episode, which a common a normal IQ man or woman can easily guess which portion of the message could be true and lie.

Rahul as expected felt very relieved reading it and he realised it was the other day when he called her around 2 months back but Nisha was wrong in giving the right time in her narration which she said that it was just a week back. Rahul was not convinced it was 2 am 12.11.11. Rahul replied Nisha, he knew it already as he saw them a week back together roaming in the city and now they must end their friendship here as he feels he is surely in a trap. He has observed Nisha from the very first day of their meeting that She can't be trusted and he tried to tell her every other-day directly or indirectly but she never understood but she always insisted him to be with him as she loves him from her heart and her love for him was true. Nisha didn't hear. She had to take her God's swear again to convince him. Rahul couldn't convince himself everytime she swears in the name of God. He has to end he knew he has to stop here not anymore. He has already lost many of his valuable time in guiding her. He had been laughed by his friends in every dinner table for so long and not anymore. He can't tell the truth to anyone even. But atleast he can be out from this net. He can make his future life secure and safe and out of all these every day analysis and design complecation. He had replied some of her lies in the msg again to Nisha but she had her answers for every questions, she also promised and had promised that she would never meet her those childhood friends in her life. Rahul was sleepless that night. He couldn't forgive himself for forgetting his own values and own image and helping to an incorrigible female. Yes he can't get back it, he can't convince every other friend of him but he didn't miss to forward each message to Neeta to witness her too for the Nisha's act.

He now knows he had to prove it infront of Nisha though he saw Sanju with Nisha accidentally, one fine day just a week back near the park when Rahul said he was out seek and Nisha had a nice covering for that. It is not for him to escape or proove it is for Nisha to get away and leave him. So he planned on the 180th day he had to appear infront of Nisha. Since that day, Rahul was not speaking to Nisha anymore. Nisha calls him everyday Rahul never receives. Nisha texts everyday rahul never replies. That day she called manytimes but Rahul disconnected each call and She messaged mnay but Rahul didnt reply any of them. Rahul was infront of Nisha's office yes the same time just before 7 pm when she leaves to her home and then she goes for bath and then do puja and study and they talk only in message there after. It was the protocol they followed till their 180 days of friendship. Rahul sent a message to Nisha its over he is cool and she should leave for home now time to go. Nisha replied saying 'tears on her eyes atlast he spoke and he forgave her and she is very happy that day'. Rahul knew it that is the only way to let her out from office and replied a smile. Nisha was out from office She still didn't buy her helmet which she lost while shopping with her mom she said one fine day but Rahul guessed that she lost it in a pub along with the handbag which he gifted her on a return of a gift. Anyway he didn't bother too much about the helmet as Nisha's face was quite clear and she seems like prepared to go for a fashion trip which he saw from his eyes covered with his new helmet. He followed her Nisha parked her scooty in a near by shopping mall. Rahul stopped by and hided himself little far. Nisha parked the scooty and within a minute she went into the nearby car parked and went off. Rahul followed. Car parked near an apartment little far. Rahul didnt try to intervene. He sent a message if Nisha reached her home. Nisha replied "Yes Long back". Now Rahul didnt try to peep more but he came to the place where Nisha parked her bike to hear more lies. He came parked his bike and sent a message "what are you doing ?" now Nisha replied "Going to take bath !" gave a 30 minutes of pause for every message. Rahul was happy listening the every day protocol-ed message as she used to send earlier. Now after a while Rahul sent "long time bath !" a reply came "Studying :)". Rahul didn't ask many more questions. Long time after Rahul sent a message 'Since morning she called him many times but when he is cool now and speaking to her she is never replying apart from the usual thing" No reply another 30 minutes no reply. 9.30pm Car came dropped Nisha. Rahul hided again himself within his helmet. Nisha started her scooty and headed towards her house and mean while opened the phone it was the touch phone which Nisha was not using anymore as the screen was not working since longtime as per one of her explanation and she bought a new querty keypad phone cause Rahul likes querty! Rahul didn't bother anyway he forwarded all the messages to Neeta and asked her to be little more patient for a while when he will tell everything what he wanted to tell to her and what her childhood friend was doing with him. Anyway it was time to appear infront of Nisha. He hunked Nisha. Nisha stopped her bike, looked back couldn't realise him and then he removed the helmet glass and said hi with a cunning smile. Nisha was helpless, she ranway about 100 metters parking her bike, Rahul followed and stopped her and suddenly shamelessly many more words came out without her knowledge but the words were events which were already told by Nisha few days and weeks back. Rahul went near her and asked if the study was over and said her not to give any explanations and it should be the end from her side and left.

Nisha still called him sent some convincing messages. But Nisha till now never knew that by this time few of her male friends are now Rahul's casual friends and they are the one who confirmed of Nisha's earlier relationship with Chandan, Bhusan and also Sanju. Rahul smiled again and it was the last final smile for Nisha when Nisha was not around anymore. Rahul never looked back and blocked her phone number. He was happy and more happier now. He called neeta and told her all the story so far and also decided to stop the looping here after and wish her good luck and convey the best wishes to Nisha too. He never wanted to know if those were lies or truth. He was feeling the fresh air on the road in his bike a few kilometer with no hands on the handle yelling the song his favorite "Right there, keep it right there ..". He was light and thinking of a successful future ahead leaving all this emotions and attachment and the help !. He was crossing many lights in the dark and approaching his house. He didn't bother anymore to convince any one not even his friends. After all "Lies can't be Truth for Ever !".