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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shame on you !

Rahul Can't hear the "Being Serious" words used by Jeet anymore. He replies bluntly..

I know you were serious till you graduated, and after getting the job it's got evaporated. Getting a gold medal in the degree didn't earn you anything but some lakhs of rupees per annum and waiting for a maximum 9% hike at the year end. So you grow only 9 percent annually if you are an honest worker and when you ditch you may get 30% that's what you learnt as a professional.

I know you must be murmuring, You fool - Who doesn't want a smooth, respectable job in India, If i get paid working only an hour a day and bluffing the rest - why not be the "leech".

Some people wear 'Being Human' brand T-Shirt and show their sympathy to the society and some like you become an example for others for scoring the most. but in what ? 
At the same time you didn't even realised the failure of the movie "Manjhi", Ohh what an intelligent you are ! 

I also saw you liked and commented - Salute, Bravo - Mr Anurag's post in Linkedin for successfully completing 12 years without a single vacation in his tenure. What are you trying to teach your followers - Are you encouraging Mr Anurag to continue the spirit till he retires and spend the rest of his life with all the disgust, disrespect from his wife, children for not being a good husband and a father. This is work life balance ! - No personal/family time in last 12 years !

You advise to write the auto pricing logic with analytics before even launching the first version of the product, though you know 'Rome wasn't built in a Day'. You enjoy to be a manager than a leader in your start-up. Pro-claim that you have all the plans, idea, road map but you don't want to sit and code, what an engineer you are, who will follow you, fools ? 

Not an intelligent selfish ? huh .. when you deny your wife for a movie, your kid for an outing, code for your so called startup but work late for an important release in office.

Shame on you Jeet .. No  excuses please..