Let me say few words for the day (Stolen from own's mind !!)

You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar

Friday, March 6, 2015

Colorful Darkness

Rahul sees, Arun stopped him while he was taking off his rocket ! A Rocket just with one pilot which he built and it was him. Arun yelled "Rahul stop" and the loud was so clear that it killed the rocket engines sound and Rahul removed his white Vega helmet without the oxygen mask. He jumped out and heard Arun. Arun said "Where are you going there is more fun out at the highSchool field, Lets play football !".

Rahul for a while sees Lavnaya's face disappearing in the new moon. Her green Chudidar was vague in the darkest night. He walked into the small door from where he sees some light and it took a fraction of second to the whiteness that is brought by the snow filled mountains and on top up his head - the rope way carrying the newly married couple on a honey moon trip, the rope car signs Zurich.

On a turn, he sees the train station, the ugliest person ever he saw with the paper band all over his body. He spoke English !, ran towards him and grabbed the hot tea from Rahul and had emptied with a sip. Rahul was amazed ! The intellect started laughing at him and far at the station's chair he started reading the english news paper and tore a column, quickly made a fold and clipped it on his waist.

       He found himself grazing Kangaroos at his yards of couli-flowers and Lavnya spraying the insecticides  with the high-tech tractor and looks at the farthest far at the big desert at the end of the horizon.

There was an asylum in a corner of darkness. The slum of blinds, who neither knows what is light, what is dark ! Someone asked Rahul what are you doing here ? How did he recognize him without having eyes ! Rahul asked himself. Does it pain The blind returned back ! But blind's lips were tight ! There was a roar of happiness, every one was blind with the happiest smile. It started raining ! Rahul got drenched and one of them pulled and asked him to look at moon. He told we feel cold but how does the moon look ?

He started walking counting the steps and he hardly had finished the countable count he could and the colorful lights were clear, polar lights in such a horrible darkness every where. He was easy, it wasn't horrible anymore ! He never even saw such beautiful color of nature in such a darkness. He tries to see the moon but lord Krishna smiled. He looked at the divine tree and Radhika dancing drenched with the ray of colors, Krishna, Krishna. He heard music of streams and birds twitter with Dholki da Dhol.

      He felt difficulty in breathing and He felt heavy on his chest too. He felt suffocated, he tries to scream but there was no sound, he felt restless, He saw his mom just sitting at the sofa and taking to Lavanya with the usual gossip and laugh, he sought help but no one heard ! He felt tremble on his legs and more suffocation and now he screamed mom, mom, but he baffled again. He felt the saliva on his shoulders falling through his mouth. He gathered all his power and tried to unload something which was heavy on his chest. He could see now wide and clear the tiny and colored member of his own was trying his first lap on his chest and slap on his face full of colors with his baby baffles and then he murmured Babba !!

Rahul wasn't not tired with his long voyage on the Colorful Darkness. He giggled with dimples, rubbed more and more to his chicks with the color of yellow, green and red with his son.