Let me say few words for the day (Stolen from own's mind !!)

You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar

Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Moment at Chicago Airport

Lavanya Said aap jyada #AAP #AAP Maat honna !
#AAPtard is getting retired anyway #DelhiElections is coming to an end
and take care of your health, hope you will get sometime to call us back.

It was an emotional moment for Rahul too, Mom and Dad after one and a half months of stay with him to help him during a critical surgery were also leaving with her, He would be all alone again after a longtime.

She Continued: #AAP haar jayegi to tumhe bura lagegga, and then your friends would start laughing at you ..
Rahul replied in the same Sahrukh Khan way with wide arms "Laallvi Haar karr jitne wale ko Bajigar kahte hain !"
"Agar aap dil se kuchh bhi chaho to puri kayanat usse aap se milane ki dua karta hai"
Lavanya : I am serious, Don't be filmy here .. Please take care of your health and don't jump start on to a Voyage
Mom and Dad were watching his activity and smiling at him, Rahul didn't care he continued..

Back to 14 years I choose Girl vs IIT.
What : LoveInfatuation
Result: #Failed - bla, bla, bla
Introspection : Immaturity
Lesson: BePractical
#NotMyWords: When you learn to avoid gals, u'll realize what is life

Back to 7 years I choose Entrepreneurship vs M'Tech
What : Co-Founded, Funded a corporation with friends
Result: #Failed - Got cheated, Lost all my investments and profits
Introspection : Wrong Friends, Be Professional while doing business with any one
Lessons: Marketing, Learn Marketing, Hedging, Build Trusty Team
#NotMyWords: I became a good fan of failure.

Back to 4 years I choose Business vs Start-up
What : Funded a business for a cousin, brothers which in fact was more profitable than investing and working for my Start-up
Result: #Failed - Lost some investment but it is Hedged
Introspection : Don't rely on #FamilyMembers unless they invest #TimeAndMoney
Lessons: Accounting and Inventory management
#NotMyWords: Nothing is funny here.

Last year Dec 29th I choose a three hour Surgery/Risk vs a Future of uncertainty/A State of Dilema
What : Doctor asked how are you ? I told "I am ready to sleep in the deathbed"
Result : #UnKnown - life back with a successful surgery with uncertain results :)
Introspection : I am late !. Destiny is the destination.
Lessons: Recognized #TrueFriends & Family, The Sooner is better listen to your heart, #BePositive (Matured mind creates dilemma)
#NotMyWords: Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday's sorrows but it empties today's strength.

Failures are the pillar of success and I am a great fan of failures, you see how many things I learnt from my mistakes, there are many in my life but these are very important which I wanted to emphasize here.

I can't disrespect #ArvindKejriwal, a person who wants to change our future, system and dream a corruption free India. I did my part by following an intellectual person who is logically correct in every way and dare to answer every damn question. An Honest and A Positive person only come back like this and they can't be laughed. World is changing so as the human nature and their deeds and I hate people who says After 20 years I would like to be a Director ! This person taught how can you transform the ideas into reality within an year in social media and in 49 days of its rules. Accept, Active, Ambitious, Authentic, Altruistic, Allure, Agile, Adaptable is what I believe #AamAdmiParty.

I am sure and I have seen Freshers and Youngsters in any company contribute for a successful project not the experienced ones.

I will laugh at the people who still thinks that an inexperienced people can't give a better governance,

They have to think again and ask them selves why Google, Facebook still hires freshers from IIT rather than hiring the most experienced people like them. And if they ask about an experienced Leader, I would again say Steve Jobs and Bill gates were not experienced when they founded their very successful company. So #Trust and #BeWithMe and we will bring #Kranti if we fail again.

#IAlwaysSay "Be prepared for the worst case", So do you and life becomes so easy for you.
#MyWords "You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar". PERIOD

Anyway Rahul assured her that he would take care of his health, she with mom and dad should not be worried of him at all. He took the cheaper route back to his apartment via train.