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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention (Why I wrote my android app Geo Pulse)

I was in bangalore when I use to wait for Adi everyday at Spice Garden to my office and I had to look for his white creamy car (sometimes he rides bike) out of hundreds of thousands of vehicles running on that busy road. I was not even able to stand quite at the bus stop, I had to keep a constant look at the bust road to see if Adi is approaching me? that’s the time I thought ofZPulse app . I thought of the idea being automatically notified when Adi’s car approaches my location. So that I can read my favorite news in peace and I get auto notified if he is around 200m from me.
Ok who will use it ? sure there is a need for such an app, got lazy for android app, learned GWT applications, got crazy upon web 2.0 google features. I left my half complete android app, and live the life how it was, never thought again for publishing it.
Left Bangalore and came to chicago with my wife and now a father of my cute son !. I had the same problem of getting to know if my wife and Son reached home safe after the clinic ? I have very busy work at my office. lots of meeting, lots of followups, c++ coding. When I go to office I am in a different world. I kind of get so busy that even though I want to know if my wife made safe to the clinic or get back to home with my son, I had to refill the prescriptions while going back to home ! I couldn’t do with the busy schedules that I have.
I thought of ZPulse again ! Why can’t I integrate the location pulses with my half complete app that I wrote in Bangalore. I made it. I didn’t use any server (which needs further investment and maintenance) . I simplified it used SMS for every ones use, which can run even without internet. Offline Google map to just see “where some one is” and google optimized, battery efficient location service to trigger events which can notify someone, do a task or remind of filling my prescriptions.
I made it, no internet required (use wifi/internet for location accuracy only) and published it for public use.
ZPulse now Understands sms messages with content
1) “Where are you” and sends a google map link to me when ever I need. No its not spying, user can always turn it off or control whose message can be answered or allow all the phone contacts under “Incoming Geo-Pulse Message” Settings. 
2) “Notify Me On Entry/Exit/Transit Near 200m Hospital” With a google map link for NMH to set a geofence which can now notify me when they reach the Clinic. with a SMS. 
3) Tasks that can control when I Eneter/exit a location e.g I can activate wifi and swith off bluetooth when I recah office.
4) Add location aware reminders to self or send this to somone e.g My wife can now send reminedsr to me with a sms  ”Remid Me On Exit Near 200m Office” With a google map link for my Office to refill prescription or bring milk. 
5) Integrated a quick Red Button to notify someone about the danger with users location.
6) As ZPulse is nothing but Geo-pulses that we can set or share with our close family members or whom we love or concerned off, I integrated the format of almost all sms based GPS device formats with ZPulse. So I made ZPulse understand sms based GPS formats using which users can Track pets, vehicles for free instead pf paying money for such apps which are sold for from 2$ to 7$ in market they can use this app for free and get realtime locations updates for their car/Vehicles/Pets. 
In fact this app can be very useful for new travelers to USA like my parents. They can use it in their phone and I get auto notifications when they reach Airport, Hotels, Disney or the place those were planned. I can even know their location when I need just by sending a “where are you” message from any mobile !
Hope my story helps understand the usefulness of the app that I wrote ZPulse which is now available in Google play.
If someone wants to use with a GPS Device to track their lovely Pet/Car, device can be purchased  from amazon refer: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001FYQO3W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1