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Monday, April 29, 2013

Resignation Letter

Change is good. Adaptability is agility and that's what the life is. I too believe that the characteristics of a successful life is in the promotion in ones personal life. Quite a long time and I was not able to take the life time decision. Some time back even I had the dilemma and it was really difficult to answer the Love vs Arranged. I always found winners and losers in both of this fields. But God is great ! He sends the message with some hint through some mediators and the Human, I mean me couldn't deny the fact that I decided ! It was easy, real easy for me to take such a life time decision. It was the capital city of chhatisgarh and destiny blessed us both to accept that without further delay we must end the courtship and land our-self to the golden period of betrothal. Impressed with her human resource manager and equally the entrepreneurial com entertainer skills I decided to take the vows of the nuptial knot as early as possible and here the day has arrived. I also hope to be lucky as you my married friends, to see someone waiting for me at my next workplace HOME and being promoted from Single to Married !

Ohh !! Let me not disappoint by closing the cap of my pen without writing few formal lines of resignation letter to my beloved girl friends too :)

Hi All,

            It’s time to say adieu to all my girl friends as you may be aware that I have been inspired to resign from my bachelor ship for my desired partner elsewhere. Yes as you may be aware that I got engaged and of course committed last Feb and the dates of my bachelor ship here ends on coming May and I would like to consider this opportunity to express my gratitude towards all of you who have implicitly become x-gf hear on, with whom I have been closely associated during my bachelor ship and who in some way have inspired and encouraged me directly or indirectly to take this step.