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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pizzaaa

Its the Gemini's words still prevails in Rahul's mind. He knew it has to be, after all... his star-stone  is what she always carry with her. She might be thinking that she is wrong somewhere in her that half an hour of conversation but no! Rahul blames himself always for not able to take the next step, The reason is pretty simple for him. She was not able to break the family restrictions and rituals. Its the 'boys first' when the proposal matters. It's him who has to give the go ahead sign to the girl and then the family would try to convince the girl ! why ? Rahul couldn't find the answer when every one says 'Girls First' as always.

The modern but not the generation shifted  family is not able to understand that its really not sufficient time to take a life time decision either for the girl or Rahul in just a half an hour meeting where neither he nor she could even see each other without a hesitation. After all it was there first time meet and its like you met a stranger in a train journey, shared some jokes and memories and see of in the respective destinations. The next time you see them you might not recognize each other! Yes its a tendency of every normal human being. Of course the second time meet creates a better impact and is much stronger.

Too many chickens spoils the broth; that's what happens with the Indian style traditional arranged marriage in many of the 'possible marriage cases'. He heard last time from Vinod that he didn't like the aunt of the brides house who passed a joke on his getup, but bride was good, smart and beautiful..Then? No the ego hurts! Also he heard from Niraj how his uncle had an argument with the brides brother in law for a state political issue and the end result was a broken engagement !. And Ritu case was just unacceptable! the couple were good going, love after the engagement (you can say) ended with a broken marriage just before a week of the marriage date.

Nothing happened this time though there were aunts even brother in laws, there were jokes and also arguments on the national political affairs but the main purpose was not fulfilled. Rahul had to share some personal talks in public with her in front of rest of the family members. Of course its natural to be unnatural during such conversation among all of them. Even the eye contact was as less as possible during their life time question and answers and other casual talks. In the mean while the family kiddo and the jolly dimples also were making jokes. It was surely an entertaining conversation but not sufficient for him.

I was in a hurry to home on that rainy day. It was too late and I didn't have anyway but enter into the spice garden pizza hut. Rahul !! After a long time I met him. I asked him to share a pizza. He agreed and shared his story so far ..

I started ..
Now a days the Indian traditional families look for a Pizza Groom. Most demanding Candidate for an educated daughter. They are more interested on toppings rather than the dough. A handsomely paid job, owner of a metro flat. like the colors of the pizza. If he owns some degrading assets like a 4 wheeler or his parents owns 6-8-10 wheeler, that's even better. A metro flat worth 6 million Rupees ! Is it also a degrading asset?

Rahul said ..
It is just an arrogance if the guy buys it with a house loan in our heavily taxed system without some real good percentage of cash. Ok that's a different topic But how to know the quality of the dough ? They tend to forget what the Pizza Groom really saves at the end of the day spending on all its toppings. But there is no way that with a few phone call or a face to face meeting you can dive into the dough unless you really have it. But its also true that a Pizza Groom can't afford to have all these toppings unless he proved himself in the runway of the career competition.

By the time the Pizza was over and I concluded and saw him off saying..
I recently read What young India wants - few essays and columns by Chetan Bhagat. He would definitely have added some elders this time to his readers database, but apparently lost some countable percentage of younger from his reader database (As you know the masala is missing in this book). I personally never liked his earlier writings! I somehow liked this book. It would have been good to add a topic in his own way, may be in the form of Two States part - II where he would have solutioned a better arrange marriage system which would have helped both the Indian parents and the Young Indians a happier social system. I really feel surprised to hear that 87 percent of our Indian woman are stressed (in this book) for some or other reason and I am sure our Indian social system counts much to it.