Let me say few words for the day (Stolen from own's mind !!)

You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Rahul remembers his schooldays when he had to walk or run to the school after having food. She was so fast even in her wooden woven with the smokey room. Food was tasty and the smoking scent use to add a home made flavor on it. ... Ohh so delicious !!! He takes the hot bite. He hardly feels the taste while eating the hot food, it is so hot. He fights back so that she should have served it already before he sits on the floor or leaf mat for the food. He also shouts for the glass full of water. She is never allowed to go anywhere but sits near him until he finishes the food and out for the school. At the same time the younger Lata would also have the same arguments with mom. They both gets their equal share. Rahul runs back from school, roti with patato tomato curry is served as per Rahul's direction. He grabs it quickly and run again for playing the roadside stone games with his friends. He comes back and the usual fight begins with Lata. Mom fixes it quickly. Rahul is convinced and jump on to her lap and mom pulls Lata too and says the brother sister stories and king and queen stories and every one laughs when there is a satire and feel sad when their is a tragedy. 

He left home for studies after his school. He left his school friends he made new friends, but couldn't find better friends than his school yet. He packs all his dirty clothes while going home on college holidays even during his first year of professional life to burden his mom while spending his holiday resting and travelling. He doesn't fight for food anymore when he goes back to home on holidays for his special food. He feels easily satisfied what mom makes. She doesn't have the wooden woven anymore. She uses the gas stove and Rahul misses the smoky flavor still the food is tasty. She doesn't tell stories anymore but kept occupied with Lata with the usual gossip and talk about the TV serials making lunch dinner and breaking breakfast in their new home. He stills love to sleep on moms lap and when she combs his long hairs he says he missed her a lot and mom gives a smile and squeezes his lips, it pains but rahul still feels the sweetness in it. Rahul's mom use to get angry when he gets fish from market without informing her but the fry would come out like the best mom in the world have prepared for her sweetest son. He never mind to care taking the biggest share of the fish fry.

Rahul is married now. Rahul is staying with Lavanya his beautiful wife. She too works as an assistant business analyst. They both earn handsomely. They partied at Le-Meridian this year celebrating their anniversary. They also enjoy movies in multiplex and also have the dinner at the finest restaurant almost every weekend. They have a cook who cooks every morning and night for the lunch and dinner except the weekends. They also bought the best fully automatic washing machine . He feels proud to marry Lavanya a talented CA and when in their office party she has the getup with the red and blue sharee with her stylish handbag from Italy and the audience eyes popped out seeing her beauty he feels a magnified chest inside. He likes to spend sometime alone at their balcony late night remembering his childhood days. He fought last time with his mom for seeing Lata many often after her marriage too but she didn't have anytime to visit his house after the first month of his marriage. No it was an arranged marriage and surprisingly Lavanya the bride was almost 1000 percent selected by mom she was so happy seeing such a beautiful girl and also she was impressed with her caring words on the day of her visit. Rahul never complains when Lavanya fails the right salt proportion in his favorite fish fry. He pulls the salt bottle from the dining table with a smile towards Lavanya and Lavanya says she would do better next time.