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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Proposal

Lilima got the message in her gmail. She was astonished it was from a unknown person seem to be a boy. Subject was interesting though she didn't like the approach. Still looked through the mail content more precisely. It was from a boy name Deepam. She liked the name. But the mail didn't come from gmail-id it was from the facebook copied to gmail. Without wasting much time she logged-in to facebook and started reading the message inbox. Deepam wrote a proposal letter to her. Proposal !! No it was just a Note of interest from Deepam to Lilima for his marrige proposal. Lilima laughed. She read more Deepam wrote that he is interested in her profile and he also found that her interests matching his expectations so he would like to discuss more on this aspect if she is willing to take it further. He also shared his phone number in the mail.

Lilima's inner mind spoke what this guy is writing ! Is this the way he should approach ? He doesn't have any commonsense. Facebook is for fun and making friendship and chat, share photo and updates and comments. Lilima got a pause, she got tempted to give a missed call to the given number. She held her back in excitement called Anju her room partner. Showed the message both started laughing though Anju knew that Lilima was getting ready for her marriage and her parents also started looking for the proposal. Instead of judging more she told Lillima don't you know frauds now a days we get such spam every now and then. Now a days these boys to make friendship they write such emotional story and try to get the phone numbers and email address of girls. Without waiting more Anju called Namita too and shared the same. Namita said you should take it positively if it interests you you should acknowledge otherwise convey you are not interested as simple as that. Why to make it a joke. Anju said No he must learn a lesson Let me call Veeru and she quickly said the matter and passed the number to him. Lillima couldn't decide what to do for a while she started thinking she wouldn't have told to Anju may be Namita was right though she didn't like the approach. Meanwhile Anju's boy friend Veeru was already ready to show his manhood wirelessly.

Deepam was thinking its been two days now and he didn't get any response from Lillima. He was thinking was it right or wrong ?. What he could do. He is from a family who have very less contacts. Their family now realized the benefit of making relationship from far and new places. What he could have done. He tried to find in matrimony but he hardly found any good match in matrimony too. Like himself many people who are looking candidates for marriage are not yet in matrimony. He never found any candidate from his region in the matrimony neither he is connected with them anyway in facebook. If he wants to reach them how could he reach them he didn't have any other way then forming a honest message to show his interest towards Lillima. He shared the phone number too. Whats wrong in that ! He also knew from Sunil his roommate last time, how the girl parents shouted him when he contacted Preety similarly through gmail. What was wrong in it! He doesn't understand why people have so many restrictions in arranged marriage too. Parents are still very closed minded. Parents still thinks if the boy directly contacts girl for a proposal even it is a sin like love marriage though Sunil or Deepam never mind it anyway. They think they have missed the opportunity to be loved so they are suffering now. Some friends even say "Bhukto Abhi sale, Bahut Sadhu bane firte the college mein, khali padhai padhai.. kya ukhad liye padhai karke. You are also working Me too ! U are also earning Me too. but I got my Girl.. Now You are throwing stones into the highly populated mass in india where you need to choose from the lessly populated matrimony match ha ha haaa ... ". I too think what Deepam's friend says is quite justified.

Atleast peoples mind set is changing now a days. Otherwsie when the matrimony sites like Bharatmatrimony.com or Shaadi.com started many people were reluctant to put their photo in these sites. Many people might have started laughing at these site owners initially for sure. That's not a show place to compete with other competetiors, but now its completely a paradigm shift. World is so busy people hardly have time. People who are realizing it they are not hesitating to put them in matrimony and run the race of candidate fight. But anyway Deepam was interested in the profile who seem to be better match in Facebook then matrimony sites.

He is not so handsome he knows and she might have already saw his photo shared in facebook and would be able to get a picture of his personality from the facebook timeline too but he is hopeful that he can be good husband and he also hopes that if Lillima would reject his proposal she would execute it wisely. She wouldnt make him a joke. Ok what will happen if she jokes also, anyway he had taken his own effort at least that he won't repent later. He knows himself, it is quite difficult to stop himself when he wants to do something seriously after all it is his life turning decision. He was lost in his thought and then the mobile rang .. He bewildered, picked the phone.. Other side with a very rough voice started shouting at him "Hey what do you think man this is how you placate a girl ! Leave all your ugly technique. Think thousand times before you next time send any message or any request to any girl. You don't have any work, don't have any sense of maturity to trouble these girls ?. Deepam was shocked he kept quite listening to all other ugly words from the vocals of Veeru, didn't utter a single word in his reply till the time his phone was busy. He never cared He smiled again and got busy again singing one of Enrique's song "Why Not Me ...."