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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Drunken Donkies

Rahul was hanging  with Bijay and Beda at his hometown last time. It was after a long time, Rahul had a long vacation time for his family and friends. Bijay is a lawyer and Beda is a field manager for mobile tower installations. They are school days friend. They sometimes shared drinks together when Rahul started his engineering. They spoke about School and College both. Beda was never been a science student but he could make him self somehow connected to mobile network technology.He never sat for the exam even for making him the field manager. He works truly in network. He hardly visits his office. He is a field manager right he always be in fields he always say. He has two kids now. Bijay is still single like Rahul. Vijay was not good in studies in his school but he was hopeful, Rahul too believed he has some potential. He proved himself and now one of the best youngest lawyer in his area.

Rahul was again so busy at home he couldn't give anytime to his childhood boy friends being so much busy in his work for his new adventures at his hometown. But he had to meet everyone, he met Kishore, Chandan, Sushil and others many at a while during his visit to the ATM, Bazar and Shopping for his mom and sis. Vijay and Beda were left and it was an wonderful evening He met Beda at the daily market post where citi's best chhaye walla serves tea. He owns a 1 Crore villa nearby. Taking the best half-tea from the tea maker they were just started the talks and Vijay also joined them. He is a jolly man. And the talk began from school days to college. Soumya to Suma and Vinay to Nilesh every one. Ohh shame they are too old to talk all these nonsense but don't know still they enjoyed the talk and it didn't stop there, it was ofcourse the bachelor's gossip started then ! They also started discussing about the Oriya and Marwadi thoughts and personalities. Beda started explaining how the Oriya association this time won the trophy for the Ganesh Puja celebration events. Wow Rahul was really surprised and congratulated him. All more than 150 members in that oriya association gave 1000 rupees each as a charity and they didn't collect from the city people like how others typical indians do for any public celebrations blocking the roads and forcing the society people in the city. That was a good initiative for sure. Vijay also acknowledged, they also pegged Rahul to contribute Rs 2000 this time and Rahul couldn't say No !

Topic changed and they started talking about the profession. Rahul appreciated Beda for really working in fields. Vijay also supported Rahul's word he really is Mobile man yarr. He always be here but works remotely in mobile technology as a field manager. Veda said yes man "I am so called field manager right !" He was too right at his remarks, why not when the job is done without being present at the station why to be really present. Rahul asked Beda has he ever thought of being a field manager ? Beda commented "Neither You Nor Bijay with your profession right ?" Every one nodded. World is changing very fast so as the need, so as the environment and so as the aim and our vision. For a moment surely every ones thought might have travelled back and Rahul also thought how he changed his track from being a scientist to a typical easy money making software engineer. So as Bijay commented it is for sure that what we do now is earning us good but still not sufficient. Rahul asked why ? what do you think? Are you not satisfied ? Are you not satisfied Beda ? No not even me ? Looking at the stray dog they started laughing this is the only creature we see is happiest among all and they had a blast of laugh. Beda told he is married, he has now two kids he has more burden than the others so he has to find some alternatives to earn more.

So Rahul asked is that made every one of us to choose a profession where we are not good at but doing it just for the sake of living and have prestige in the society thats all. Every one seemed to be agreeing with him. Yes Look at the marwadi here they are well educated, their son have studied in IITs but they are working in their own cloth store or the hotel or the factory ? Because they know the charm of being the boss of their own business. They know the charm of being the leader. They know how to invest and multiply. They have practical experience in  Financial Education. They Know the real answer of "What do you do ?". Look at that Chayee Walla he has A Crore Villa and surely if we will be sticking in our profession we can't build it. Why do we think so much when we have a solution ? Solution what ? Every one speak solution, who applies it ? Beda said I applied it, I am failing every time ! Rahul said even he tried it. "What do you do?" what does it mean Beda and Bijay both asked to Rahul.

Rahul said I mean when a person ask What do you do ? may be a stranger who might ask this question then what we answer. We choose to tell our profession right ? What makes the difference when a businessman speaks though he has studies from IIT. Conclusion is simple the professional is always needy and poor than the businessman. Then why all these studies its all waste I or You could have done the business from the very beginning ? True but why then why the marwadi still chose to teach his son in IIT ? Education is important, we should be able to use our education in our business, yes we dont have prio experience in business neither our family but we can start here with for our future generation. Now most of earning goes in tax where as businessman has lot of alternatives to utilise the money to save tax and most of his daily needs are covered by not his earnings but the business does it for them. What I mean here "We work for money but a businessman Money works for him". Its every professional who works for money and we spend most of our money in liabilities. Bijay told of course we shouldn't love our profession. Its just fulfill our basic needs and our standard of living and we spend all of this shit. We can't definitely go back and open chayye shop now it hurts not us but the society. Why society yarr. Wont they come and have a hot cup of tea in the chilled winter ? Rahul added. Open a chayee store but use your lawship in the chayee shop. When I open a Chayye shop I would use my software skills in it. Add the skills or the talent we earn in our career or profession make it little masaledar a little different than the old chaayewalla. It will click or flick right ? There is a risk ofcourse there is risk but what if it clicks ? Why to take risk man !! Ohh God the Cab stops right at the same place and the crowd had to break !

Anyway while coming back to home Rahul was murmurring more on the same topic why he is choosing to start apparel business though he knew that farming would be more profitable in long run.. Animal Farming or  Vegitable farming ? May be both but he has not yet concluded ! but surely he would have started the realestate if he would have some more money. Earning from his profession is definitely a short term solution for his long term Goals. So he would still continue his profession but sooner he would stop loving his profession and he reached home.