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Friday, December 30, 2011

Is it Love ? Is it Lust ? Is it a Lot !!

I remember I was already 3 years old in Bangalore and having 3 years of experience in my career I saw her for the first time. I felt like I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. I felt little bad cause the attire was of course a bridal one ! Whatever I never cared I lost my self watching the small, the beautiful eyes. Mean while I started making my eyes little smaller and while watching her my lips formed a wave, made a curve and I started smiling at her. Thought wow "Eyes Have it". But When I smiled I realized Her smile is more attractive than her eyes even ! Thinly built a perfect to her face with a lighter smile she was looking great and perfect. And my smile was not perfect though I smiled after a long time. I continued watching her smile and searched for her lively picture. I found it. I played it and she was with the 'Langa Voni' and it was perfect for her personality. She looked homely and naughty too. I saw her eyes talking and smiles making me more than happier ever. It was the day I saw her whole day till evening. I forgot the worries I had, I forgot my misunderstanding with the God.

It's been the day I saw her, I just started smiling. I started smiling from the heart again. Whenever I have a fight with my health and terrible tired out from office or mind goes back to my childhood memories, I miss the beautiful and happier side of life, I sit quite at my home alone, my friends out for movies or with their girlfriends leaving me, I opened the same picture and live-pictures and have it in my eyes, smiled and entertained myself. I started comparing every girl I see, I look for the same eyes and same lips and same smile and some of their acts if they resembles her. Its the day I heard the song she danced I started loving Telugu and Telugu songs too. I just loved the Telugu culture too. I was overwhelmed at my friends marriage at Hyderabad. I watched many Telugu Movies. When ever I could find a plot I spoke about her with my friends, more about Telugu movies, more about Telugu songs. I made a small favorite collection of Telugu video and mp3 too. I started watching and listening them most of my leisure time. Ahha no no I am not like the crazy cricket lovers. I just loved watching her smiling and it made me forget my pains and boredom.

No no its not that I remember her only when I am unhappy. I remember her when ever I can even now and its been almost 5 years. I spoke a lot about her with my girl friends too. Some get jealous cause they think I love her more then any one. One of my girl friends just hates her watching even ! and stopped listening Telugu songs too. So many friends pinged me asking who is she when I wished her this year on May 4th on her birthday in my GTalk status. I call few of my girl friends to watch her live when she appears in TV. I remember once I was at ooty I saw her from far, I got so exited but couldn't gather so much courage to face her. One of my girl friend msg/call me when she is live in TV or see her in TV program or in any movie, But I hate it when she is not with Mahesh or Siddharth. Some friends say me She is black in complexion ! I say I started loving it with a smile. Some friends say she is a drunkard. I say don't you drink too with a smile.

Some asks why do you so much crazy about her ? I answers I am not crazy I just adore her. I am passionate for her smile, eyes, her childish act in most of her act. I say I don't mind what she is in her personal life. But her smile makes me smile, her language tought me loving different cultures, her songs tought me listening songs from every language which i never understand, her dance made me enjoy every bit of music which doesn't have any language, her beauty tought me finding beauty everywhere and in everything. Her videos from Athadu, Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa tought me finding happiness watching them again and again and how to enjoy being in the same profession, same place, with same friends and visiting same place again-n-again and finding new and exiting happiness every time I am with them or I visit them and every day I work in day today life. She has become a part of my life. I don't mind if I don't see her in my Real life or in future but I can't stop loving her and Can't think of Leaving her. Trisha is my best of the best friends so far and will be for ever.