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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We couldn't be better than best friends !

Rahul was a one man army for quite a longtime solving puzzles, analysis and design in his 30 years of career and struggles on relationships, friendship and personal, professional life. All of a sudden Rahul felt he was the saddest person in the whole world. He still couldn't solve many of his personal problems though he wanted and could solve others and make them happy. He still couldn't buy the sober doll for his mother who he wished the happiest mother ever. He still the same software engineer and till now no promotion. He still didn't own his own house yet. He still in his status of singleness of the youths life. He still carries the loan and borrowings of others.

Why ! He was looking for the answer He was restless though he solved the puzzle it took him very longtime which a smarter guy wouldn't take. He missed it again like he missed quite a good chunk of CAT score two years back for just the time gap. Whole night he was narrating and summerising the failures and success in his life where he went wrong and where he succeeded. He remembered his college days and also the days in profession. He remembered the persons and the personality who has impacted much in his life. He reminded few of his best friends Anand, Deepak, Devi, Pooja, Lavanya, Raj, Ketan. Few he chosen to be his best friends and few chosen him to be their best friends. Some more names Neeta, Narendra, Bhusan, Dillip were in the list of his friends too. He remembered the happiness he almost lost. He traversed many of his friendly messages from his good and best friends one by one.

Neeta : "Worrying doesn't reduce yesterday's sorrows but it empties todays strength". be happy for ever GN :)
Reshma : "Promises We break them sometimes, Memories: Break us sometimes". Have a Pleasant evening :)
Pooja : "When you fully trust a person without any doubt You finaly get 'One person for life' or 'A lesson for life'" Good Nit :-)

many more ..... good and bad but Rahul liked these messages most and kept reading them again and again some more he read again

Raj: "When you learn to attract girls, u'll realise what is luv,
When you learn to avoid gals, u'll realise wat is life"
Ketan: Be a friend like woman's bra 1. colorful 2. comfortable 3.stretchable 5.holding u tightly 6. never let
you down 7. always near heart :)" gn tc :)
Anand: 3 lines 2 sum up everything
I learnt abt LOVE: "it doesn't last"
I learnt abt PEOPLE: "they change fast"
I learnt abt LIFE: "it still moves on"

ofcourse Har ek friend jaruri hai yarr !!! after all they are our entertainer, they make us smile when we are sad and see these simple messages had given enough strength and smile to Rahul to start a lateral thinking.

Yes 7 years passed in his earnings life and it still goes on in the same way it used to 23 years back when he wasn't earning !. Lots of crest and tough crossed still the life boat is un-sunk and its just moves on in tandem with the life's busy momentum and responsibilities. Many people have changed some people he has forgotten and some have forgotten him too. Time didn't allow him to Love or be Loved. He still doesn't have any worry. He now has few very best friends and its the age, the busy life which made him to be like this. No he feels every person has this nightmare in their life. The more length they cross on the journey of life they tend to feel lonely and lonelier. That's the reason human has built society, family, wife, friends, close friends, best friends.

Yes he couldn't see Lavanya anymore neither in his messages nor in his day to day life but always wish happiness around her ! He knows it was she who cared him the most and stood as the best of the best friends ever. Who helped him in his struggling career and also laid her shoulder in every happy and sorrowful moments. He always felt it could be more than the best friendship she deserved but he didn't find anything for her more than in his dictionary. He knew She deserved more and when he let her marry and purposely made her out of his circles he was more happy than being sad. She deserved more than him and his friendship and he didn't want her to be so unlucky. She wouldn't be able to see his unstable personal and professional life. She would again come back with more help which Rahul always hates. He always wanted to be self sufficient and He needed time. He now thinks he still need time. But time always deceived him. He purposely lost the contact of Lavanya for quite many years to help himself. He let her sail her own boat of her married life. Yes she is successful and Rahul feels happy to hear all those from other friends. He knows She would forgive him anytime they meet again. He never hesitate to beg excuse from her anytime he meets her. Bhusan opened the door and ran the basin ohh it was 7 am morning.!! Rahul couldn't realise it whole night he was reading all these messages and thinking about the bad and good past. He gathered himself went to another room and locked himself to have a sleep.

Deepak came knocked the door, ohh it was 10am Rahul woke-up opened the door Bhusan left for interview locking the door from outside. Deepak: hey whats up man till now sleeping lets go we will go for shopping right !! Rahul couldn't escape it as it was planned already the day before Deepak's marriage day is near and they have to buy some bridal rings from D'Damas at meenakhi mall. He got ready Deepak and rahul started for Menakhi mall. Meenakhi mall D'Damas they entered inside. Rahul wished always when he would buy such expensive white gold chain and rings. He was just checking the price and guessing when he would be able to buy something for him. Or can he afford it anythime in future !! A set, necklace the sales man handed over to the front couple and said 2.64 Lakhs sir. The gentle man said you can pack it she liked it no more choice. Rahul felt uneasy but so happy for the lucky bride for such a gentleman. He wanted to see her and him. And suddenly a voice which was very known and familiar to Rahul was heard. "Rahul what r u doing here, I am so happy to see you with a nice smile and without any hesitation she introduced the gentleman this is Rahul and he is my husband". Rahul felt like he got all the happiness of his life to day. He got the message, He thanked God for making him so light of the yesterday's pain and heaviness. He couldn't stop and pulled Deepak's shoulder and introduced "She is Lavanya and he is her husband". Rahul was right and very happy and while talking he was lost in his own thought "We couldn't be better than best friends".