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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

180 Days of True Lies

Main Protagonists :- Rahul, Nisha, Pooja, Neeta and many others true and lies

11.11.11 and 11pm night. what a coincidence so many msgs arrived at Rahul's Mobile ! Yes this was the day, it seems many people were waiting for the day for sure, so as Rahul. Morning also many people greeted Rahul for an auspicious day or new beginning. Rahul was surely looking positive for the coming days ahead. He was always right, right again and Nisha proved it again ! It was an endevour of allmost 60days, fruit was never so satisfactory or any great victory for Rahul. He knew it on completion he will be blamed more than he will achieve, he will be laughed more than praised, he will loose his dignity more than he earns, he will loose the trust more than he is deceived. But he had to do it for the sake up his future and peace in his life. Of-course Rahul has lost his many of his valuable properties in past few months.

It was an outstanding revelation by Nisha and Neeta was also in loop by Rahul. Neeta !! Yes she is Nisha's childhood friend. A good girl for sure who understands her human values and family values too. On the day after Diwali Nisha introduced her to Rahul and 15-20 minutes of talk was enough to understand her for Rahul. Nisha had to because Rahul had started avoiding her and noway that she could reach him more if she doesn't introduce a good abstract or a supporting actress. Nisha always use to say she is a good girl but easy to be fooled ! Rahul knows it already that always good people are fooled easily because they don't think complicated part of anything but believe others. But they always learn and learnt definitely from their mistakes which the smartest or people who think they are smart would never learn in their life. Nisha never could realize that she has been over confident from last 3-4 months and now heading for a new nightmare to begin without her knowledge and with her over confidence ! Rahul had thought of it already that Nisha is going to tell about her relation with Sanju in a different way though but so close to his right guess, otherwsie from Neeta anyway he will get to know sooner or later but she has to tell something in someway that he never would mind it again even though he gets to know later from someone else like Neeta.

176 days before Nisha came like storm to Rahuls life seeking a help. Rahul was always a guy who helped others and didn't hesitate to help Nisha this time. Nisha was just a common friend whom he met in Pooja's BDay Party. May be that day rahul couldn’t guess that this small introduction with Nisha will impact his life style in future. Pooja used to tell sometimes about Nisha's sorrowful journey of life and also crazy part of her life. Rahul has this personality that he hardly speak in a group and the same thing he repeated at the BDay party but he couldn't stop his bad habit of analyzing Nisha which concluded him of a girl who is very modern and stylish and cryptic and clever nature. Rahul couldn't stop himself helping Nisha but. Her cry was loud and louder than the Banglaore traffic that day. She was desperately looking for an emotional help. She met an accident with a scoundrel and a victim of eve teasing by her Boy friend whom she broke-up that day, which was reveled with her sobbing words. Rahul just couldn't avoid her listening and asked her to pass by his house which he guided over the phone. He consoled and gave a soothing and friendly hand to her and hoped that she will groom strength soon and bid a happy farewell later. She smiled and went home. Then the friendship began. He told it to pooja and pooja was quite happy with Rahuls help after-all Nisha was her crazy immature friend whom she always guided and she also said Nisha need help and he must help her overcoming her bad past. Rahul acknowledged.

Rahul guided Nisha and Nisha seemed to be following and showed her happyness and transformations. Slowly Rahul and Nisha became well friend. Meanwhile Nisha showed her love, affection and her care towards Rahul. Rahul was over careful this time for such a fast track relationship. He knows his struggling life and future and past, he couldn't accept her though he was pity he tried to convince her that he is not the right guy and he could be good friend not more. Nisha was restless she had to prove that her care was genuin. She did what ever she could do to prove her love and Rahul was unable to avoid because she was too weak to be convinced and he was unable to see her every day cry and sorrows she used to reveal. She used to update each and every status she is doing for him. Sometimes he use to analyse more and found that Nisha's over explanation seemed to be disturbing more and more. He was unable to handle when Nisha used to come running to meet him every weekend or in between, She started to insist him to meet her brotherly friends everytime she came to meet with a common cause. He had to say hi to them atleast to see a smile in her face cause he can't see a girls cry. Next time he meets Nisha he convinced her saying that he doesn't like to be a role model for other friends of her and she need not bring them along with her when she meet him. Nisha stopped. Rahul was unable to manage time between software engineer life and meeting Nisha every time he gets a little time for himself and for his friends. He avoided more but couldn't avoid more when Nisha asked him to visit temple every weekend. She sometimes used to go wild when Rahul denied of going to temple in her scooty. He never believes in going to temple every weekend. God is omnipresent and thats how he managed to be with him as always and he hardly visit temple. And when he told the samething to Nisha, She was unable to take it but cried more and Rahul couldn't see her crying again. She has stopped drinking and going to pub for him she said, she also prayed God for him. Ohh so much it was quite so much to prove her sincerity and caring from Gods nearer child.

Rahul was never convinced this time too as she didn't stop meeting her very close friend Chandan who was her table friend she used to tell. Around two month later Nisha said Chandan was engaged and going to marry and soon stopped talking about Chandan there after. Rahul didn't investigate. Nisha was restless and not convinced that Rahul cant be more than a friend afterall Rahul seems to be a one girl guy. She can't loose him for sure. In the mean while Rahul concluded he can't decide anything just for a 3 months of friendship for sure as he knew when he was out of station Nisha never bothered his where about and one day for a cause when Rahul wanted to talk to Nisha, her mobile was unanswered and later known to be left silent which she reveled on a late night message. He had to seek help from Pooja and Pooja used to be there always though she is married. Nisha was more stuburn She was unable to understand Rahuls personality and nature. She showed her ultra care but didn't try to understand him and his personality. Rahul started telling her that she should stop showing her over care and give sometime to understand him, that could be more helpful to her. He doesn't like meeting her every other day just for a walk to the temple. He recognized something wrong, He realizes Nisha's reaction was unbelievable at Meenakhi Mall while talking about his friends Arya's marriage with his beloved girl who eloped with her invisible old boy friend which made Rahul very confused. He warned him self ! He spoke to himself quite often at dinner table with friends. Friends good guessed and started teasing him calling him in the name of Nisha. After all Nisha was a common friend and he couldn't reveal anything but used to give his 1 million dollar smile. He didn't try to understand what his other friends started concluding about him and Nisha. It was quite obvious and friends return smile was making him more careful.

Rahul already felt restless and he also found that the more he argue and avoid Nisha, her wilderness would increase, he had to be friendly he had to be lenient. Rahul's friends smiled more at the dinner table. Rahul would never react and he would talk about marriage and business to avoid his return smile. Nisha started to hear Rahul again. The next weekend she met Rahul she hugged Rahul and expressed her genuine love with a kiss. Rahul hugged her tight and Nisha's expression was quite interesting but looked uneasy to rahul, he was not ready no he can't he gathered himself, he untied his ring of hands from her waist and pushed her far and said hope you understand me and I can't give a false impression to our holy friendship. Nisha was quite and left the room. She never tried the same again. She now never comes very often to meet him to his room but update him more of her doings and work in her company and how she recently met most of her childhood friends. She still says, she saw him in her dreams almost everyday. She still says 'Uddan Movie hero' is like you with a big smile. Her day starts with Rahul name and ends with Rahul name so boldly which really makes Rahul very much confused and sometimes wild.

Four months passed Nisha showed her sincerity as always by her words of emotions, sometimes with a cry and phone sms. By this time Rahul started singing and and murmuring the very best English songs of Enrique and Nicole which would be the best songs played in most of Bangalore pubs and clubs ! Rahul became weak in his talks and rude in his behaviors and also felt emotional while talking to his mom. He felt like he lost his smile ! He was never like this before. He believed he lost many of his natural properties and also loosing his valuable time. He doesn't talk practical now. He has become little broadminded then ever but too weak to help himself in his saddest time. He started analyzing his recent past being far and quite, how Nisha managed to convince when she didn't pick his call another whole day till 10 PM. Rahul got to know that she was not with her child hood friend Ritu. He was amazed that Ritu didn't know him even though Nisha and Rahul's friendship is so popular in Nisha's office. He started to be too cryptic to his own best friends. He didn't spoke to Pooja from last three months and four months is passed already with Nisha. He had to visit Nisha often to a park not let her come to his house anymore because Nisha's house was too far and her mother would be waitting for her return. He knows the pain of waiting for a beloved. Bearing her for two hour was quite difficult for him when Nisha accidentally used She and He together and Her and His with Sanju who used to be a childhood friend of her while talking in the park. Rahul didn't intervene but used to give smile when she does such mistakes. Now Nisha doesn't use She and Her with Sanju anymore and She also told that Sanju is her best friend whom she met when she met other her childhood friend on that day and they often go in his car for long rides but she always prefers to sit on the back seat. She also told  how she used to spend whole lots of time together in childhood days aside the railway tracks, schools, so funny moments with Neeta, Radha, Rekha, Anuj and others. Rahul smiles when Nisha used to smile after sharing each of her funny moments. At the same time he remembers how she used to go wild and acknowledged that she can't take it when he used to tell about his best female friends in earlier days of their friendships.

Rahul is more careful now in his guess and analysis and din't let Nisha know that he is guessing right but tried to give her hint teasing him in the name of her child hood friend Sanju. He tried his best to let Nisha know that he knows many incidents and many of her friends personally and she should stop explaining and updating more. He also hinted that she should stop showing her love towards him unnecessarily. Now Nisha couldn't stop reveling that she met Sanju at the same time when she met Rahul in a pub but it was just an accident and she never drank or drink. Since that day they are close friends and meet in groups and fight and fun with other child hood friends who never drinks or go to pub. Rahul smiled and nodded. Nisha gestures Rahul's belief. But Rahul couldn't stop analysing more and he was almost convinced that some day very near Nisha would tell a new adventure with her child hood friends surely and Rahul guessed it he was definite that the day was near.

Messages were so nicely narrated by Nisha like never before, all the messages Rahul knew the style of messages she writes and the way she express along with her hidden body language was so different today. One week back Nisha along with Sanju, Anuj, Mohan, Rekha, Radha and Naina and an unknown friend met in Mohan apartments and they planned for a disco in his big house of double bedroom and a hall Kitchen. Lights switched off, every one started drinking. Rahul was already prepared to hear this because he knew it already from quite a long time may be he was sure for this day on the first day which was around 176 days of their true and lies of  friendship. Nisha was concerned as she doesn't drink anymore and went to watch an animation movie in Mohan study room. Every one was her childhood friend so she felt secure and safe and was lost in her Movie. In the meanwhile the unknown fellow came and handed over a glass of sprite and asked her to come to the hall and join them dancing with the disco and loud music. All that he wanted to hear from Nisha is what Nisha is now writing it like a movie scene, so nicely articulated each message taking more longer than typing speed of a human hand as if she has become a writer today. She couldn't set her back to the movie cause the vodka mixed sprite was already into her body and mind. She danced a while and reminded of Rahul came back to study room again slept on a bed phone was ringing on her belly she never could care it. By that time music was stopped every one went to their respective room. Rahul is in peace and controlled state and slowly reading and waiting for the next message to arrive, he never cares or excited to write a reply immediately after Nisha's each message. After-all he has been waiting for this day from a long time and he must not loose his patience.
Study room was not latched meanwhile someone came touched her hand, she could feel Rahul's hand, some one kissed and she could feel Rahul's lips now and Some one hugged and She could feel Rahul's body warmth but the phone was still ringing she uttered Rahul saw the phone was ringing and it was from Rahul and the man beside was Sanju, she was shocked, beg her pardon and rushed to the bathroom and took a shower and left the room as soon as possible. Rahul didn't loose his patience atall till Nisha elaborate her adventurous act with a nicely articulated story. Afterwards she never meets Sanju anymore and they had a fight. She realised that She loves Rahul and She is for him she will be Rahul's forever. She never met neither would meet any of her friends anymore.Yes around five messages small and big which almost took two hours to reach Rahul's Mobile !!. With a big sigh of relief at last Rahul asked if the messages are over or still more. Nisha said its over. She didn't know that each message was a grief of shame which was definitely a lie to plot a new episode, which a common a normal IQ man or woman can easily guess which portion of the message could be true and lie.

Rahul as expected felt very relieved reading it and he realised it was the other day when he called her around 2 months back but Nisha was wrong in giving the right time in her narration which she said that it was just a week back. Rahul was not convinced it was 2 am 12.11.11. Rahul replied Nisha, he knew it already as he saw them a week back together roaming in the city and now they must end their friendship here as he feels he is surely in a trap. He has observed Nisha from the very first day of their meeting that She can't be trusted and he tried to tell her every other-day directly or indirectly but she never understood but she always insisted him to be with him as she loves him from her heart and her love for him was true. Nisha didn't hear. She had to take her God's swear again to convince him. Rahul couldn't convince himself everytime she swears in the name of God. He has to end he knew he has to stop here not anymore. He has already lost many of his valuable time in guiding her. He had been laughed by his friends in every dinner table for so long and not anymore. He can't tell the truth to anyone even. But atleast he can be out from this net. He can make his future life secure and safe and out of all these every day analysis and design complecation. He had replied some of her lies in the msg again to Nisha but she had her answers for every questions, she also promised and had promised that she would never meet her those childhood friends in her life. Rahul was sleepless that night. He couldn't forgive himself for forgetting his own values and own image and helping to an incorrigible female. Yes he can't get back it, he can't convince every other friend of him but he didn't miss to forward each message to Neeta to witness her too for the Nisha's act.

He now knows he had to prove it infront of Nisha though he saw Sanju with Nisha accidentally, one fine day just a week back near the park when Rahul said he was out seek and Nisha had a nice covering for that. It is not for him to escape or proove it is for Nisha to get away and leave him. So he planned on the 180th day he had to appear infront of Nisha. Since that day, Rahul was not speaking to Nisha anymore. Nisha calls him everyday Rahul never receives. Nisha texts everyday rahul never replies. That day she called manytimes but Rahul disconnected each call and She messaged mnay but Rahul didnt reply any of them. Rahul was infront of Nisha's office yes the same time just before 7 pm when she leaves to her home and then she goes for bath and then do puja and study and they talk only in message there after. It was the protocol they followed till their 180 days of friendship. Rahul sent a message to Nisha its over he is cool and she should leave for home now time to go. Nisha replied saying 'tears on her eyes atlast he spoke and he forgave her and she is very happy that day'. Rahul knew it that is the only way to let her out from office and replied a smile. Nisha was out from office She still didn't buy her helmet which she lost while shopping with her mom she said one fine day but Rahul guessed that she lost it in a pub along with the handbag which he gifted her on a return of a gift. Anyway he didn't bother too much about the helmet as Nisha's face was quite clear and she seems like prepared to go for a fashion trip which he saw from his eyes covered with his new helmet. He followed her Nisha parked her scooty in a near by shopping mall. Rahul stopped by and hided himself little far. Nisha parked the scooty and within a minute she went into the nearby car parked and went off. Rahul followed. Car parked near an apartment little far. Rahul didnt try to intervene. He sent a message if Nisha reached her home. Nisha replied "Yes Long back". Now Rahul didnt try to peep more but he came to the place where Nisha parked her bike to hear more lies. He came parked his bike and sent a message "what are you doing ?" now Nisha replied "Going to take bath !" gave a 30 minutes of pause for every message. Rahul was happy listening the every day protocol-ed message as she used to send earlier. Now after a while Rahul sent "long time bath !" a reply came "Studying :)". Rahul didn't ask many more questions. Long time after Rahul sent a message 'Since morning she called him many times but when he is cool now and speaking to her she is never replying apart from the usual thing" No reply another 30 minutes no reply. 9.30pm Car came dropped Nisha. Rahul hided again himself within his helmet. Nisha started her scooty and headed towards her house and mean while opened the phone it was the touch phone which Nisha was not using anymore as the screen was not working since longtime as per one of her explanation and she bought a new querty keypad phone cause Rahul likes querty! Rahul didn't bother anyway he forwarded all the messages to Neeta and asked her to be little more patient for a while when he will tell everything what he wanted to tell to her and what her childhood friend was doing with him. Anyway it was time to appear infront of Nisha. He hunked Nisha. Nisha stopped her bike, looked back couldn't realise him and then he removed the helmet glass and said hi with a cunning smile. Nisha was helpless, she ranway about 100 metters parking her bike, Rahul followed and stopped her and suddenly shamelessly many more words came out without her knowledge but the words were events which were already told by Nisha few days and weeks back. Rahul went near her and asked if the study was over and said her not to give any explanations and it should be the end from her side and left.

Nisha still called him sent some convincing messages. But Nisha till now never knew that by this time few of her male friends are now Rahul's casual friends and they are the one who confirmed of Nisha's earlier relationship with Chandan, Bhusan and also Sanju. Rahul smiled again and it was the last final smile for Nisha when Nisha was not around anymore. Rahul never looked back and blocked her phone number. He was happy and more happier now. He called neeta and told her all the story so far and also decided to stop the looping here after and wish her good luck and convey the best wishes to Nisha too. He never wanted to know if those were lies or truth. He was feeling the fresh air on the road in his bike a few kilometer with no hands on the handle yelling the song his favorite "Right there, keep it right there ..". He was light and thinking of a successful future ahead leaving all this emotions and attachment and the help !. He was crossing many lights in the dark and approaching his house. He didn't bother anymore to convince any one not even his friends. After all "Lies can't be Truth for Ever !".