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You say meow and I will Growl, you say it's a joke I will Roar

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am Anna. Are you ?

This is what is the noise every where now in indian streets, fields, Cars, Buses, Houses.
Noise !!! No its the holy word every indian is chanting. Roar is Louder, Roads are congested, fields are filled.. but our corrupt politicians are still wearing their blind glasses and the dumb headphones !! the politicians are counting the number of people in this movement, will it fizzle out yes it will they are betting on it.. huh..

Are you not corrupt ? Ohho only a non corrupt can chant this slogan !! !!No!!
Most of the person are into corruption at any point of time in their life for sure. Corruption has become an attitude of every person in a corrupted system. It is a definite form if people stay a long time in a corrupted system. Peoples mindset adheres and adapt the environment they behave differently when they are in India and US and England because the system guides them. Every one like to take easy way out but the capable with money and bureaucratic power take easier way out (following the shortcut path of curroption) but the middle class people or the lower middle class or the Aam admi suffers. Can't a PM do corruption ? but lets forget it. No No He should be forgiven. he has many responsibilities after all he has to run a great country a great party small small mistakes can happen !

Law is made in Vacuum ?? No its not it is made by the superman of the country, elected by you the people. You have elected us to represent you now its our duty and let us make it .. Ha Ha ha hurrr.. I know I didn't elect them I dint vote its the people who are mostly the uneducated mass the greedy mass of India which has taken part in the voting. Yes Yes some good and matured people also participated but the most educated and most matured dint take part but how can they ? most of them work outside far from their homeland and sufficient infrastructure is absent to help this big mass and the result is this bureaucracy monopolistic words. Do you say this time I will Vote .. Ohh No I can't believe it you have shown it for all 5 decades so far and you are kidding me now.

Some of the members of youngistan even ashamed of this crooked politics and our politicians which includes our most qualified PM who claims that who never addressed without reading a script and if at all he does it, he cant keep eye contact while addressing a gathering !! Alas ..
Its the youth of india now.. Rahul ? Where are you ? You seem to be the youth icon of India ? Youth are following Anna's path and looking for you to lead them ? Na Na Family business is more important for me now and PM is there to lead you and show you the right path guys. Don't misunderstand me please. may be an unheard voice and will be forgotten in near future ! He knows and the smart politician has used this funny sword and we the people of India are the greatest example for them who never learn and never learnt from past 5 decades.

I think the kids who might not even know what exactly is corruption in a larger democracy, but surely know that whole India is against corruption and support Anna Hazzare Movement and happy to swing the Indian Flag with their tiny hands in solidarity. The old men, the common man, the college student, government servants, the prisoners every one are out for a cause and that is support Anna Hazzare. wow what a nice way of rejecting the Govt Lokpal (people say it Jokepal), Bhajan at ramlila, yelling bande mataram, waving the National Flag millions of people rallies with a peace ful protest in every corner in the country. No one is there to control the crowed, Delhi witnessed 35% drop in crime last few days. May be Government is ready to see the opposite side of it which might happen in very near future if the correct version of Lokpal Bill is not introduced and team Anna fail ! Surely the people of India sensed it already and unite together in such fashion till the best Bill gets implemented.